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Highly recommending watching @KevinHart4real "What Now" movie, literally couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire show! 😂😂
RT @jennroseto2: Aladdin has been my favorite movie since I was 2 nobody understands the excitement that it's now on my favorite show!#OnceUponATime @OnceABC
RT @ABPolitical: Do you not realize @tomhanks that people DON'T need you? You on the other hand NEED us! Show some respect, your mo…
@unormal did you see that movie with the guy from that show...brb
Because she didn't just star in an Emmy winning movie or get her own tv show
RT @Trevor_Trujillo: Look, if any of you are watching The Exorcist tv show. WATCH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE OR THE MOST RECENT EPISODE WILL MAKE NO SENSE TO YOU!!!!!!!!
RT @Musicnews_feed: This movie isn't being talked about enough. It's the MOST critically acclaimed film of 2016 and it's about a black…
When a good show or movie is out , Twitter is the worst for spoilers
I liked a @YouTube video Regular Show : The Movie
RT @chenzel_queen: ok but what cheeses me is that everyone's always screaming about Idina being in the Wicked movie well HELLO THERE ARE TWO LEADS IN THE SHOW
Role of Aish and RK is Good But what steals the show is #AnushkaSharma .Movie Mix of KalHoNaho+KKHH.Yet a Good Watch
Adam pascals voice gets me so emotional yoo. Ugh the whole movie/show gets me so emotional tbh. Goddamn
When Glenn got killed that was on of the saddest things I've ever seen on a tv show/movie #TheWalkingDead
i'm so emotional that i start crying during a show or movie
Wolf Creek the movie is rather unpleasant, but I kinda like Wolf Creek the tv show, not least for its gorgeous landsape photography?
@Glam_And_Gore have you been watching The Exorcist tv show????? Coming from someone who LOVES the movie, if you aren't yet, YOU NEED TO!!!
life hack: dont ever get attached to any zombie apocalypse game, tv show, movie, ANYTHING.
This right here. Fans don't OWN anyone involved in this show, or any show/movie. They are human beings deserving of…
RT @ABPolitical: Do you not realize @tomhanks that people DON'T need you? You on the other hand NEED us! Show some respect, your mo…
RT @TV3nz: Lets do the Time Warp agaaaaain...TONIGHT! The Rocky Horror Picture Show cult classic is reborn in a one off movie… I'll show you about Shinkansen and Shinkansen TICKETS in this movie, for foreign traveller in Japan
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@metschick right? i"m bemused by how wrecked they all are. have they never been invested in another show/book/movie that this is new ground?
RT @AngelPearl: Casting Directors be like: Hindi namin icast ang MayWard sa horror show or movie. Kikiligin lang ang Viewers. hahaha! #PBBZombieBreakout