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Same girl ft kalin and myles Brand new 🔥🔥🔥 #thisisnotthealbumonthursday
Swarbrick adds the emphasis on being self-sustaining was a bad path. Says Myles Brand agreed
Jack Swarbrick: Myles Brand once said that the biggest mistake [college athletics] made was trying to hard to become self-sustaining #sbjiaf
@drridpath I did not agree with Myles Brand on everything, but he saw bigger picture -- how age limit led HS athletes not to abandon study.
#usc hating NCAA Presidents Myles Brand, 02-09 Ex-Pres Oregon Jim Isch, 09-10 Ex-Pres Arkansas Emmert, 2010 Ex-Pres LSU & UW See a pattern?
.@RumorsandRants That honor goes to Myles Brand, ex-Pres of the University of Oregon, who licensed Paul Dee to run wild. See a pattern? #usc