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RT @AntonioUsma: hope fab turns up tomorrow night @myfabolouslife 🐐
Now playing📢📢 Fabolous f/ Wale - Faith In Me by @ MyFabolousLife @ Wale!
fab your a G and thats an understatement. Repping N.Y to this day thats real Loyalty @myfabolouslife #salute
@myfabolouslife drop a Soul Tape 4 please
out of all the mixtapes @myfabolouslife dropped, the soul tape collection will always be my favorite.
stop showing love to the fuck boys @staayg0lden fabulous listen to @myfabolouslife
soul tape , soul tape 2 and soul tape 3 are all greatest of all time 🔥#Classics @myfabolouslife
@myfabolouslife most underrated rapper ever on moms 💯💯💯💯
@myfabolouslife Abu Dhabi themed birthday party is dope af
RT @Taydaa__: @myfabolouslife December next door unc drop heat
RT @rayp_photos: ❄️❄️❄️ af tho. big ups to @myfabolouslife & @RUVILLA for sending over their new Timberland collab.
Thank You @DusseCognac.. the D'ussé Bar kept the Code's & J & B's flowing all night in #FabuDhabi!!
RT @Taydaa__: @myfabolouslife December next door unc drop heat
@myfabolouslife December next door unc drop heat
stop being friendly to the FUCK BOYZ... @myfabolouslife
Now playing - @MeekMill , Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) & Jadakiss (@Therealkiss) - All The Way Up (Freestyle) (Clean)
RT @TheEazyEffect: "Happy Hoes ain't hate'n and Hate'n Hoes ain't Happy" @myfabolouslife 💯
@myfabolouslife cmon you can't tell me you ain't have fun making hits like this: