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That new @myfabolouslife sound 🔥
Fab looks so good in his snaps from tonight😩❤❤ @myfabolouslife
@myfabolouslife when are U && @TreySongz gonna drop a mixtape together of remixes y'all killed??
Can't wait til @myfabolouslife drop some more 🔥🔥 ... He not just the king of Brooklyn, but the king of Rap #BestLyrically
@myfabolouslife what song was that on your snap? I need to put those bars on loop
waiting on that @myfabolouslife - Used to This remix🔥🔥
@myfabolouslife revitalizing his career rapping over used @1future beats
Yo @myfabolouslife where the mixtapes at fam
@myfabolouslife just played snippets of his "used to this" remix on snapchat and it's lit af 🔥🔥🔥 drop that joint asap fab
" Do you take a bad bitch over a nice lady ?" That new @myfabolouslife boutta be fire !🔥
you gotta hate it when @myfabolouslife teases you with a new track through snap but it ain't released yet
" can't say that they worth it just ova priced baby " word to @myfabolouslife
@myfabolouslife need to drop this shit he playing on snapchat
RT @_Xozizisgames: It's soul tape season what's up @myfabolouslife?
It's soul tape season what's up @myfabolouslife?
Haus is so lit right now ... @myfabolouslife hurry up though
Since @myfabolouslife didn't give us no heat this winter I decided to step it up for y'all lol