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You don't just mean the world to me, you are my world @aliceinshitland 🙏🏻
Managed to fit 90% of my world into a van... had to hire another one to take the rest of my stuff to my new home... but for now #DRINK XXX
Except in my world, C.J. is the president.
Money money ignite my world
@Chez_Em @ThisRebelHeart My amazing friends - what would my world look like without hearts like yours in it? 💓
RT @angelegz25: Dead ass these things make me tear up cause my mother is my world
@EdAmatrudo Thank you Ed!! 😊 My world is complete now, I can dry my eyes !!! 😢 woooooo exciting day!!!!!!
RT @RelationshipLi: I really like you. A lot. I know sometimes I mess up and do things that make it seem like I don't care but trust me, you're my world.
RT @varenya_twt: Do you know why I'm going in circles? Because the world is round... And you're my world. я рыдаю, так люблю их ~.~
@GeorgeTakei He was brown and from southern Turkey in my world. #Santa
RT @RnB_ThugN: This is MY WORLD in GOD's universe now choose your role, but I'm the STAR #TeamLoyalty #Thankful #GodFirst
When the evening pulls the sun down and the day is almost through, oh the whole world it is sleeping but my world is you.
@PrincessPorsche You are my world, You rule both of them - no matter what Princess
RT @sashahoxiee: controversial tweet: My World 2.0 is hands down the bieb's best work
Rock my world would you please ?
RT @Captgorowara: A Single Rose Can Be My Garden...A Single Friend My World ❤
RT @anegadobiba: Quando você já está triste e o aleatório poe uma música do My World e vem em mente lembranças do Justin naquela épo…