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First, 30 frames the wrong size, now my computer will not connect to *any* internet. Someone does not want me to send out these orders :(
Cisco Catalyst 2960 24-Port Managed Ethernet Switch/ WS-2950T-24 (K184848) #cisco #computer #router
Work from home, all you need is a computer a webcam! 💫 🆓 Signup & NO 💳 needed. #cumstar
@lynnehall @freebetscouk @ManUtd Did LvG buy di Maria, or was it Woodward/Glazers playing fantasy football computer games with real money?
@SauerStocai you ever get ur computer working?
2 tall boy heinekens + 2 vicodins + 3 lines of cocaine + s1 voss water + a cup of horchata + 1/2 of lean + nail size of xanax = a good time
RT @JTechApple: Not even joking, my CrapBook 15" just randomly duplicated every file on my computer 4X until it filled the entire drive.
RT @Bizathome4u: Clean Up, Speed Up & #Optimize Your #PC In JUST 2 Clicks: → ← 👌 | #computer #computers #virus #software #antivirus
Stay Fit While You Work At Your Computer, No
RT @AllieGoertz: Ringo, did you take a picture of your computer screen? Do you not own Revolver?
Stand up for remixes and parodies! Tell the UK Government to reject a copyright upload filter
Hey, please hurry up and insert me into your computer. What's the matter? Why do you keep staring at the package?
KOOLmouse [ Optical 2.4G Wireless Computer Mouse ] [ Floral Note Middle Eastern ]
Computer glitch at #ICAP last night casesd a near 9% devaluation of $USDCNY
@beabear29 Nasa computer lab! The security people couldn't find her. Eh I was in a meeting so I really can't do anything! Ayun.
RT @Salvesayson: Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. #ALDUBTwinsGender
You can stream the Taboo show on your computer too?
DO I trust this computer? I dunno? Should I???
17 Microsoft researchers offer bold computer science predictions for 2017 and 2027
@web_goddess @AgileSteveSmith @unclebobmartin That point regarding growth seems somewhat contradicted by e.g.