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@Saotoshi9 чё ты на субботник не пришла? И Диана
RT @5SOSTL__: INSTAGRAM|| Michael posted this on his story!!!! (Yes I am actually crying) -Liz
RT @Gentleman_Word: When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening..
@Ririka_xX_ あー、早めに申請すればいいって事ね👍Lizで申請行くと思うから承認して
@lizbonnin @BBCOne cant wait for this you have the best job in the world Liz.
@nyanko01kuro02 遅れてゴメンね💦💦 じゃあアリスって呼ぶね!!りずでいいよ〜(´>∀<`)他につけてもいいし! だよね?!凛月真緒コンビいいよね😍😍
RT @glorysecret23: แบมบ่นกะพี่ฮงกิว่าเพลง Loser คีย์มันสูง ฮยองบอกไม่หรอก (แบม)ต้องทำได้อยู่แล้ว ปึ๊ป เพี้ยนตั้งแต่ขึ้น โคตรขำ 5555555555555555555
RT @SoccerAM: Look over to the studio in the gallery and see @TubesSoccerAM doing this 😂😂😂 #SoccerAM live on Sky Sports at 10am 👀
RT @swain_jackie: Come on #GoonerFamily let's give Liz a boost💞 @Arrsene_Wenger @Beingarsenal @SoFire @Goonerlover69 @TheGunnersPub 🙏🏻
But it shouldn't end up not talking with each other. That wouldn't solve anything, especially between bestfriends.
RT @swain_jackie: Please read Liz progress it is working but still need funds please help if you can🙏🏻 @Goonerlover69 @Arsenal
@lizbonnin @BBCOne Looking forward to that Liz 😊
RT @VamosATuiter: Cuando le escribes a tu mejor amigo y se demora horas en responder.
RT @SodexoPrideUKI: @Liz_Kentish Thank you Liz, we really appreciate your support. Have a loverly weekend. LGBTinFM.
RT @manchesterfire: Here's another image from the opening, showing the Safety Centre on the inside. @GMFRS_SC #bury
@Saotoshi9 где? По какому каналу?
Literally heard Liz say "I'm just so woke" last night
@ever_fez はーーー(どちゃくそため息)ちなみにわいもアルティメットは平均7戦やで