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RT @GirlsOfAqua: Wishing a very happy birthday to January 20th #Aquarius ✨ Love and light to you 👽
@THEHermanCain Mr Cain he is a good man and hopefully he will replace Liz warren
So I went into McDonald's to get my w2 and they already have a girl named Liz working there. I quit 2 days ago 😂💀
RT @cjbdrb: #WhyILoveGH #GH #Friz Liz and Laura's bond that has lasted close to 20 yrs.
RT @FiveRights: Liz Warren, Real class act refusing to shake hands someone you've never met (Betsy DeVos). That's the mindset that…
RT @capricornio_hn: Un #CAPRICORNIO mencionará la palabra "AMOR" muy pocas veces
RT @chrowen: Liz Pellicano @CRAE_IOE on value of film to learning & children with #autism e.g 'Citizen Autistic' & 'Life, Animated'. @BFI
RT @chrowen: Liz Pellicano @CRAE_IOE spotlights importance of greater involvement of people with #autism in #research. @theSENDhub
@R0CKYB4BY @chandlerriggs y asi señores es como se pierden los amigos arhno te amo mi vida
@davidsummers64 @Liz_NessaAVFC there was more trust in the establishment back then too I suppose
RT @laurenduca: Scream, cry, heck, have a drink, if you need it, then take a deep breath and get ready: The fight begins now.
RT @R0CKYB4BY: @liz_helviz @chandlerriggs NO TENES QUE TENER ESPERANZAS, NINSIRVEN ahre mala influencia #argentinaneedschandler
RT @CarlizTshosa: @liz_sifa I listened to this tape for like 4 days straight trying to vibe but I dunno wtf this Nigga is saying 😂 i…
@CarlizTshosa 😂😂😂 I know.. I just wanted you to listen to one song thou.. I haven't even listened to that tape myself 😂😂
I keep seeing Liz Warren in a Slave Leia outfit w/a blaster I should be ashamed. And yet... @123JacqueB
RT @Milesenberg1: [🔴LIVE] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Click here to watch: Image by @liz_farron
@MadelineStew2 omg that is easily one of saddest moments of my life
@JointFairy 😂😂😂 get in this with us Liz! Watch more basketball.