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RT @HackneyAbbott: The Tories are putting all of our security at risk.
RT @alexisscarrasco: the closer we are... the meaner we get 😂
@SetsuntaMew RIP LIZ'S DOOR It's like halfway manageable until the wind comes for me and then I'm like ah yes Dying
@p_pow36 Yup, I spend a lot of time shouting OMG ITS RUSTY I KNOW HER at my pal who plays for Ireland
Championship weekend recap: Patriots and Rams advance to Super Bowl via @TheSeahawksWire @kole_musgrove #Seahawks
RT @peru21noticias: Poder Judicial pidió al Inpe que indique en qué penal sería recluido Alberto Fujimori Por:…
RT @peru21noticias: SOS, el llamado de Pedro Chávarry No te pierdas todas las caricaturas de Mechaín
RT @LaSinEstilo: Ironía es que el subpresidente, siendo de extrema derecha, sea un cero a la izquierda.
@clarafrtdd vai ser Liz kkkkkkkkk valentina tá manjado
RT @AloTF_2: Falling out of love was the best thing that happened to me
i asked for three hashbrowns, and the drive thru attendant heard 1 so i corrected them at the window and they gave me 2 :|[
RT @peru21noticias: Telefónica se pronuncia tras diligencia realizada por fiscal José Domingo Pérez
RT @KamVTV: “Just a reminder that Democrats spent $2 Billion + on the Obamacare website that didn’t work... and they didn’t thi…
Hey, @SenMajLdr You didn’t hesitate to bring up & pass a bill to lift sanctions on a gd Russian (Deripaska) but y…
RT @db2trendy_: girls talk to each other so aggressively “wya stupid bitch?” Lmao