Must. Love. Dogs.

If you love dogs, this tweet-stream is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMedia! Woof, grrr, arf!

RT @onherperiod: I feel you dog. I feel the same way about finals
RT @sassy__cat6: I like you but not save your life before a dog's life like you.
RT @junebmarsh: the kangaroo was only hugging the dog ya know
@Bay_Bacon 그런..그런가00)..!!! (실로 변한것이 없어따) 그으래.. 만족한 것 같아 보여서 다행이네요..하고 흐릿하게 웃어버릴것같지요😌😌! 이후 n주간 키아라와 연락하지 않았다고...(?
@pup_yy 死ぬまでには贈ろうと思う。
RT @got7intlfanclub: Can we be more proud of #Jackson ? Congratulations to our Wang Puppy! ❤🐥🐶💚 #GOT7 #갓세븐 #잭슨 #JacksonWang
Retweeted Cloud (@FactionCloud): Thank you for 10K. 😎🎉 🍾 #Illuminati *I want to thank my dog for all the...
RT @FactionCloud: Thank you for 10K. 😎🎉 🍾 #Illuminati *I want to thank my dog for all the inspiration* just kidding love you all
RT @peta: Cow's milk, dog's milk ... what's the difference, really?
there's a dog sitting behind me on this plane. why couldn't it be next to me instead?
RT @absolutejeon: yoongi wanting to play with da puppy & gettin ignored caught me off guard but never accept rejection as failure
RT @garbage_can_dan: anybody else trynna figure out how the hell he's gonna brjng that dog around without dropping it
RT @ICCHY8591: 12/11(日曜)10時〜 ウサギの楽園を見に行こう! 動物好き必見です。 #noriradi #石川典行 #広島 #ウサギ
RT @andielmao: @bakedmaclang I LOVE UR SAUSAGE BALLOON DOG
@zombie__dog いややや!!!わたし画のレイムさんなら数千枚用意しなきゃいけないくらいな、カシスを描いて頂いてしまって…美麗です大好きです!!!!!!!!!!言葉がうまく紡げませんすみません!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!