Must. Love. Dogs.

If you love dogs, this tweet-stream is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMedia! Woof, grrr, arf!

@bak3n and have no soul wearing a dog around their necks
RT @AdoptCCAnimals: Adoptable #dog #Natu_CCSTCA_01 Gorgeous, athletic, 2yo sweetie pie pup seek 🏡+ ❤
RT @CuteEmergency: a dog teaches Swimming to his friend...
At least one little glimpse ... and what a puppy! #RupertGraves #GregLestrade
RT @DanniSull: The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs and Dog Lovers - Talent Hounds via @MyTalentHounds
RT @Morgan1417: i think it's honestly so sad that my dog is like 12 which is so old in dog years and only got dick maybe twice in her life
This is so embarrassing zach didn't even write the song this ain't no tea this is room temperature hot dog water i'…
RT @jaredlong627: This is why I want a dog so I can be super close to it for when this happens😕
RT @AlfredoFlores: My dog just farted and it's the first time I've ever heard her fart 🐾 her current position
Dog haus cheese fries are 🔥
RT @OneToothTexan: Sorry I hugged your dog before introducing myself.
@NavyFB suck suck suck My dog is better
Comi um hot dog agora dos deuses 😍😊
@KibouHeadmaster *Giggles* I love you puppy!
and if anyone gets that reference then please don't tell me i am a dog and dogs sleep live outside i already have a low self esteem
Our Ella, who is available for adoption, got all prettied up at Super Mutz Dog Grooming Studio yesterday and even...
RT @tbhjuststop: when you come home and you see your dog and they see you