Must. Love. Dogs.

If you love dogs, this tweet-stream is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMedia! Woof, grrr, arf!

RT @trixiebedlam: Please sign my petition to air a Puppy Inauguration simulcast with the regular one, like they do with the Super Bowl
RT @RolloverHotDogs: #ThankDogItsFriday For a chance to win a Hot Dog Party Pack simply RT + F. Comp closes 8 Jan 23:59. UK ONLY.
RT @RelatableQuote: This dog was begging for food on the street, not for her... but for her puppies. My heart 😭😭
RT @PetsEvery30: when u get your license suspended but u got a dog so its ok
RT @SexFactsOfLife: when u get home and see ur dog and they see u and you're just both happy to be with each other ☺️
Soldier Reunited With Lost Dog After Weeks Apart
@xx_Haruxx そーそー!!! それ!!!!! 犬可愛いなぁ♡ って見てたらなんか聴いたことある曲だなぁ… あっ!😳DOGさん😍💓💓💓 ってなったwww
i've heard there are people who keep pets for purpose of abusing them. or the owner might be the one who abandoned puppy care.😨😫😤
RT @untroubles: 5 things i want in life: 1. a dog 2. another dog 3. a big house for my dogs 4. park to walk my dogs 5. a partner who loves dogs
RT @ayeecarlito: In case you were deciding to go watch "A Dog's Purpose" this month. Don't support it after footage of a scared dog…
@WesinhoimSuden @Phillip_The_Fox I know. I've been to Pakistan and Saudi. "Dog" is the lowest insult they can throw.
RT @johnnatired: A Dog's Purpose라고 강아지의 인생에 대한 영화가 조금 있으면 개봉하는데 촬영장면 뜸.. 무서워하는 개를 억지로 물에 밀어넣고 찍는 사람들은 낄낄거리는중.. 다음 장면은 물에 빠트린 후였는데 익사…
I could do with a dog today. Please throw a dog at me
It’s a dog park, too, when no kids are there (and we bring bags) -
RT @metmetmety1: ここむっちゃかわいいの2歳児に助けて(手伝って)もらう30歳児
RT @tocomvcs: somente este dog pode trazer a paz mundial
Melissa McCarthy jumps to help injured dog ##MelissaMcCarthy...
Petition | Punish thugs that cut dog’s ears off and posed for photos!
I assume the Dog Warden is aware?@AllyFogg