Must. Love. Dog. Tweets.

If you love dogs, this tweet-stream is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMediaWoof, grrr, arf!

同行者を探しております。 SexyZone 大阪 日程:4/2 2部 座席:スタンドD〜Gブロック スタトロ2列以内 枚数:1枚 金額:0.8〜即決1.5 DMリプ気軽にお願いします。 #sz_譲 #セクゾ譲 #セクゾ求 #sz_ticket
RT @BabyAnimalPics: a dog and rabbit playing together
My kiwi bf just text me hungover AF saying he "downed 3/4 of a mad dog" what a fkn newbie. You're in Scotland now son
Send all your dog pictures to Anna Marie Cox who sleeps w them eats w them ,shops w them & showers w them.Keep them off Twitter
@harusaki_1009 三日目突入です(;ω;) 今は30分間隔になってしまいました、、 そしてパパ帰されてしまい(;ω;) そろそろ頑張れない、、
RT @jacobsartorius: RT IF I CAN BE YOUR PUPPY 🐶❤️ (They're magnetic hehe 😊)
RT @1theK: [RT it!] Which idol has a charming canine tooth? 씹덕포인트! 매력적인 송곳니를 가진 아이돌은? #마크 #MARK #갓세븐 #GOT7
@excel_dog @Kasalo_ZIK Мне все равно не понять ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, а помню что читал\смотрел когда мне 10 было, лол
From Sally LOST DOG Just seen a medium sized brown dog, running around Prickwilliow. He/she looked very scared...
@____hanseeeee んんんあああああよかった!!!!!!!!
Pass a Virginia law requiring dog owners to keep their dogs inside in harsh temperatures - Sign the P... via @Change
Who let the dog out?! Haha
@judying_dog DM飛んでたりした?
RT @historyepics: A man and his dog on the Overhanging Rock in Yosemite National Park, May 1924.
In prep for new #borderterrier puppy (girl) we have narrowed it down to 3 names... Which do you like? Our boy BT is called Dave.
RT @luquinha: tenho certeza que não foi o dog
RT @NeedAGirl0412: ไร่รอยต่อ ทอเต็มผืน หลับเต็มตื่น ด้วย ชุดเครื่องนอนโตโต้
RT @TIME: A firefighter brought a dog back to life with CPR: "Faith in humanity restored."
RT @sidebae: if we date. you don't have to worry about anyone else having my attention. the only one who will get more than you will probably be your dog
RT @WrestlerForHire: I think #ZachReno likes to be punished. And #SgtStiff really enjoys it. Oh, and there's a dog collar! #gaywrestling…