Must. Love. Dog. Tweets.

If you love dogs, this tweet-stream is for you! Created by Chris (the human) and Mackenzie (the dog). Follow us at @FourLeggedMediaWoof, grrr, arf!

@rob_clowes What a coincidence, my dog is called Bluebell.
@FlushingPrancer I liked my dog Prancer that bit me in the lip more than I like the flushing reindeer
Dakota Johnson - Out With Her Dog in NYC, April 2015 #DakotaJohnson
RT @MagicRoyalty: RT if you are PROUD to have James "Mad Dog" Mattis as the next Defense Secretary!
RT @CloydRivers: General "Mad Dog" Mattis has been named the new Defense Secretary. As a result, ISIS has surrendered. And so has France, just to be safe. 🇺🇸
RT @Lmao: When you drop some chocolate and your dog tries to eat it
RT @FaZeAdapt: So me and Moe put dog shock collars on and played a basketball 1v1 while our friends shocked the shit out of will be up later😭😭
I think it's time for me to get another dog
RT @TeamLiquid: @Spartan the best dog to ever pick up a controller 💙🐶
can't wait to make blankets and homemade dog treats for the shelter babies for christmas🐶❤️
RT @sickbraat: Skinny Puppy - Assimilate @ Dolce Vita 1986
POCs will be denouncing everything unjust but will be relegated to the corner like a bad puppy or a child not allowed to sit at dinner table
RT @CP24: Woman and dog pulled alive from collapsed building in South Dakota
RT @MeetAnimals: Shelter Dog CANNOT Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted
RT @SusieBSchnauzer: We've exciting news which will help my writing raise more awareness of puppy farming than ever before.But we'll nee…
We handle a variety of personal injury cases including accidents, dog bites, construction accidents, malpractice etc
RT @memerobber: My dog can't wait for Christmas
How to Teach Your Dog to Come to You When Called #pets #dogs #dogtraining
3D Printed Dog Nose is Helping to Enhance Electronic Scent-Detection Devices