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RT @iam_ginghs: #ALDUBxADNTiesThatBind “Love is a friendship set to music.”– Joseph Campbell
RT @SMC97117457: 本気でバラエティーに行ってらっしゃい。 一瞬アイドルか疑う、一瞬ね!笑笑
RT @BOGUMMY: #MUSICBANKinHK It was so good to see you again and I hope we can meet again soon. Thank you Music Bank!💕
RT @quay_ayoo: Apple Music can’t shuffle for shit
RT @minrinchoi13: Mina: Aahh.. Mark-ssi is not here anymore, I'm so lonely.. MC Mina Music Core opening today 😂
RT @himawari_press: 劇団ひまわり | 佐藤流司 フジテレビ「MUSIC FAIR」に出演! 詳細はこちらから⇒
RT @myourstar_astro: Let’s continue to protect 1st place for #ASTRO on m countdown!! Please vote for #AllNight if you haven’t already! (…
RT @isosounds: バンドが続いていくって奇跡のようなことだから、昨夜は胸に迫るものがあった。 Music from the Marsが以前よりヤンチャさが減ったことも、GUIROが毎回どんどん変化していることも、同じ時代を生きて音を鳴らしてくれている有難さを感じた。
RT @hoemoticon: *already sad* me making it worse with sad music:
RT @PeachTokTok1109: 190119 MUSIC BANK in HONG KONG MOVE MOMOFOCUS🎥 그저 모퀸🍑 🔗 #트와이스 #모모 #TWICE #MOMO #MOVE
RT @beomskink: this was, this is and this will always be the smoothest transition ever in the music industry. change my mind
RT @brit8stef: someone send me their Spotify playlist , i wanna listen to new music
RT @waltshaub: That racist punk trying unsuccessfully to stare down the older Native American veteran, as his white MAGApack mocks…
If you don’t like Dolly Parton’s music we can’t be friends
RT @imaginedariana: music is happiness...especially HEART ATTACK by Demi ☺ you make me gllloooooooooooooooooow *and dont even pretend d…
RT @TatiyanaSports: Y’all not tired of Future making the same music every 6 months?
RT @IamZaay: this man really making music with kanye..... shit crazy
RT @chrisbrown: #TeamBreezy! I want to ask you guys, the fans, what you would like to know from ME! Catering to the music and the e…
RT @Jhope_Vibes: Ouch! Did he stub his knee? He yells out of pain, but the moment music starts, he transforms himself into a differe…
RT @I_pissVodka: Father: Confess your sins my son and I shall pray with you for forgiveness. Me: Nah I’m not ready and not in the m…