On the Belgium highway in my ford diesel w/ restricted speed and radio volume listening to…
Listening to a song that's chorus is "nothing really matters anymore" is not doing my psyche on a bleak day in hull any good at all. 😊🔫
RT @harrietvfowler1: Listening to acts I've seen at a festival just gives goose bumps I love it 🎪🤘🏼😝
Listening to “Brahms: Sonata For Viola And Piano In E-Flat, Op.120, No.2: II. Allegro Appassionato…” by Yuri Bashmet, Mikhail Muntian ♫
I hate being wide awake listening to someone snoring and enjoying their sleep 🙄🙄
RT @wolfieraps: The new YouTube comment section makes me want to jump off a cliff while listening to Hit or Miss
i love hearing michael sing, he has such a nice voice and it just makes me so happy listening to him sing with so much passion:)
you think im edgy and emo and listening to mcr but the truth is
I had a dream I was listening to a new @falloutboy album. It was heavier than anything they've done & @petewentz was screaming on it.
RT @gleds11: @JamesArthur23 listening to Save Arcade this morning, some absolute bangers, Juliet is Not dead & Tonight we dine in Hades!
RT @f1_reactions: When you're untangling your earbuds & your parent goes, "listening to music, again?!" & you're like #F1reactions
Slow start to the day today, spent most of the night sat by the window listening to the rain while doing a few kanji drills.
I'm listening to Shonia on EVZDRP - Both Hands by JayWay Sosa x Twezzy x Face Lucci -
Listening to Sonata Pathetique by Michael Silverman, on the album: Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Ave Maria, Air On a G String and Othe…
RT @DahliaLee_x3: I cannot stand listening to someone tell me something I already know, as if I didn't just say it two minutes ago??
Listening to Kanye full blast whilst making apple chutney, what a time to be alive
I can't help to dissect and argue against each lyric when listening to Mötley Crüe. But their songs are still catchy. #killertunes
RT @GinAndJif: Ironically, listening to my CW talk about her acupuncture session makes me want to stick needles in my eyes.
untuk kamu yg merindukan rumah, tempat berbagi cerita, dan cinta yg tak pernah pudar.. :') — listening to Don't Forget Where You Belong
RT @WeLoveJaDine: Listening to Don't know what do, Don't know what to say by Erik Santos on Spotify.. ka inlove!!!! #TIMYUnfriend - R
ive been listening to so much french music to study that i'm starting to memorize it. no clue what it means but I'll mispronounce it in song
RT @Fact: The chills you sometimes feel when listening to music is called "musical frisson."
Who else listening to Clap Your Hands Say Yeahs eponymous debut album in bed for pres