Can't. Stop. Listening. To. Glow. @bretteldredge #feelingfestive 🎄🎅🏻
630 - Music band with 3 nanocomputers. Each listening to the other, adaptating.. a lead, a rythmic section....
RT @abarty_intheusa: college freshman stop posting about "surviving" your first semester of college you took intro to listening and like history 101
RT @MackPerryAITG: #listening to The Salem Devil on my #AudibleApp By Bobby Collins @DrJimmyStar #audiblebooks #trending
I've ignored @JunaidJamshedPK of the last decade. What I remember is the JJ who sang DilDil #Pakistan and whose music I grew up listening to
@slone but make no mistake, he will decide. He is listening to Obama, if at all, and this is the only article I have seen this in.
I can handle listening to Ryback's podcast when he's talking wrestling. Hearing him talk politics makes me wanna stick pencils in my ears.
Is anyone listening to me? Or am I talking to myself? Testing!! Testing, 1,2,3!
RT @ALDENophileCLUB: Now listening to @TonightwithADN 💕 Hello DJ Miggy and Mallows. 👋🏻 Kayo ba guys? #ALDUBInsecurities
RT @holland_tom: Writing Rubicon, the effect of Cicero's death on my sources was akin to plunging into a tunnel while listening to a car radio: a silencing.
I've been listening to that Kevin Hart and Trey Songz song a lot lately 😂
Listening to this hour long Quavo mix 4 the wake & bake to get my energy right
RT @Robt_O: Listening to Supreme Court Hearing each side poring over words trying to point score It's just a game of intellectu…
We have to repair the breach we have created by listening to each other and realizing we are more the same than we are different.
Bea is listening to opm songs. Wow
RT @tyjoseeph: "Tøp don't deserve to be nominated for the grammys they can't even perform live" Sorry, too busy listening to this
RT @Trevornoah: Thanks for listening. Sometimes as people we don't want context we only want the info we need to fight what we want…
jherskowitz is now listening to Not Again by ratboy
listening to Donald Trump only leads to disaster
RT @yerinBsupport: [IG] 161207 TRANS: After listening to 'November song' at the gas station, I wrote it beside the stool. I really lik…
The benefits of listening to recitation of #Quran are increased when it is understood – that is, when its meaning is understood.
Astonishing I grew up listening to Dil Dil Pakistan by Junaid Jamshed and he has died in the #PK661 PIA Plane Crash. Very Very sad.
@mangmangmang For srs tho (I know how wanky it sounds) I've found mindfulness stuff, building a habit of listening to myself, mega helpful.