RT @charlieputh: This is my third time now listening to 'The Search For Everything' Wave One. Congrats brother @JohnMayer.
@idea_cares please be ponder yaar, since 5 days same story am listening, don't you feel bored by say same thing, try to understand.
RT @exonied: When will they release this opening aong "Never Far Away"? I've only been listening to cut from the drama. #Goblin
RT @amipinke: i feel like drivin down the highway listening to nothin but music and vibin out
RT @katewillett: Listening to Obama praise his daughters right now and really appreciating the way he's able to do that w/o implying he'd like to date them
RT @Diamond_London: • Listening to @mysticradiolive on the recommendation of @MusicalD loving some Morning R&B by DJ Tuff.
How is this woman not able to tell that I'm not listening to a word she's saying??? I swear she basically talks to herself
You guys gonna be watching Trump inauguration? I'm gonna be listening to this on repeat in the fetal position
fuck and now i'm listening to the rogue one score and am feeling extra emo
RT @diamondfacial: My neighbor just asked me if I could turn my "reggae music" down... I was listening to Whitney Houston
RT @lNSUBURBlA: live footage of me listening to someone that loves you by honne & izzy bizu
@rose_jack12 @BlSCUlTS I've been listening to that constantly today.
I’m listening to @955KLOS The Rock of So Cal ♫ #iHeartRadio Why do I still know all the w…
I was listening to shape of you and then watched @doddleoddle snapchat and was so confused because it was at the same bit of the song
enjoying listening to this 20s jazz collection from @internetarchive this morning
Listening to LANY songs. *Influenced by her.*
What's with me I keep listening to kinpri songs these days @___@ I wanna rewatch the movie, preferably with friends *nudge @jurarirurero*
@TartanTory it's actually great listening. I don't know what to make of Trump, but I know what I think of his seething opponents 😂
If we go down, let show them we are better🎶🎧 — listening to Paris - The Chainsmokers ft Louane
@DaveCWilkins #bleedingheart magistrates & judges are listening to concocted stories about offenders sad childhoods & drug abuse
RT @ProfBrianCox: Listening to the PM at Davos. I cannot see how UK can become THE global country whilst allowing fewer people from the globe to come here.
RT @ashokgehlot51: Unemployed youth r wtng to b recruited. Instead of listening to their grvncs n deliver on promises, CM is only trying to stifle their voices
RT @charlieputh: This is my third time now listening to 'The Search For Everything' Wave One. Congrats brother @JohnMayer.
RT @Mayberrykush: In honor of Barack Obamas presidency I'll be listening to Diplomatic Immunity all day today