RT @h_o_l_l_y_m: Loving the @aimcomau space listening to @ShivaniGupta1 talk about passion with @BrandSouthAust #brandsouthaustralia
RT @heartlle: I swear I be listening to music turnt by myself, be having mini concerts on my bed and shit
Is the FDA finally listening to nutritionists and really seeking to be more accurate with the word "healthy"?…
im laughing im listening to the radio and this woman was doing a pop quiz and she said spanish is the official language of brazil
I cried on my way to work this morning while listening to ALIR
RT @Lmao: listening to ur significant other talk about their day
Don't miss listening to this peppy #TrapRap amazing... @FuhSePhantom
RT @irritatedwoman: General McInerney Says Obama Was 'Heavily Listening to What Was Going on in the Trump Campaign'
RT @grahamsierota: Been listening to wave 2 by @JohnMayer theses past few weeks and I can't wait to see him live on April 21 !
RT @istgminho: When you're in public listening to music and the best part of the song comes on
Off duty today so I'll be listening to the wonderful that's been released.
RT @raypecology: CIA listening to ur calls reading ur tweets, redpill overdose, CIA guy now woke AF Few talking about this!
RT @Lmao: listening to ur significant other talk about their day
listening to ALMA - Chasing Highs
@fraggle1888 @TheJimCornette I've ran more than one long run listening to JCE
RT @millzs187: My niece will only take a nap if she's listening to feeling Whitney @PostMalone your the man!
I wanna be lost in the Texas hill country just driving around listening to the country legends.
John Mayer's style is the same since then and now, yet I don't get tired of listening to him. Ugh who can not love this guy 💕
It's funny how I have been a loyan fan of Suria Cinta when I am not jiwang at all. I guess I just enjoy listening to @djlinsuriacinta ❤️
RT @iGreenMonk: "I know what you mean" is my favorite way to make people stop talking. Plus it makes them think you were listening too.
RT @Suryavrman: listening to this song in night So Dope Aakko - Enakenna Yaarum Illaye @anirudhofficial via @YouTube
Teri Umeed Teraa Intezar Karte Hain Aye Sanam Hum Toh Sirf Tumse Pyar Karte Hain....... <3 :) — listening to Teri...
Listening to by (via @WorkflowHQ)
@EtanaStrongOne ur muzik gives me that good feeling, listening to how long at the moment bigtune