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@munya_zzz_24 ふーちゃんでいいよぉ 私は6時くらいから寝てたけど( 何はともあれ無事ならよかったです
@ruin_future ストフリさんありがとうございますううう!徹夜つらたんでしたああああ
RT @CharmingKingg: Listen to #cocoandshimmer17 afrobeat mix by @PocksYNL by charmingkingg_teamd-ent #np on #SoundCloud
@aka_yukii とりあえず寒すぎて寝たら死にそうだよwwwww
Today I'm def going to try putting salt in my plate like the meat god 😂😂
Wow this guy is a meat god for real wow
🎶 + 🍁 + 📜 + 📑
The TL right now made me fetch for whisky
まさかのしごおわw とりあえず寒すぎて 手と耳が全く感覚ない😂
羽風こなかったよ。。。 でも☆5でたん…(´;ω;`)
As much as I love Twitter if I stay home I'll end up lost in my head and these tweets lol
@munya_yasu らしい。まだ外みてない!
It is emerging that "Isiolo airport" is in Meru county. Don't joke with Munya bruh! Dude went to get original colonial land maps in London.