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@notdesk 色々と実験しとるのね!二人かまむい…!
Kodak why your eyes like that ? Cuz I put Molly in my lean
@munya_zzz_24 むにゃちゃんおはよう
@__ruchaaan るなちゃんファイトだよっ!!!!!
@Kayabetutarou こうくんおはよー
@r0a8c0h1e1l8 れいくんおはよう!!
@tomoku__n0106 ともくんおはよ〜〜
@mamiun03 まみまみおはありっ(*・ω・*)♡
RT @roadmancode: This don must have been smoking the loudest food to ever touch earth cos that joke was fully dead.
Who better than Lorde at this time ✨
Gosh. I just remembered Thami the hyena, Munya, Tawana and Latoya. 😂😂 @HRC_Ngo
RT @MadeManJama: My favourite video ever 😂😂😂😂 how is he pulling over police officers
@munya_zzz_24 おはよう〜(´-ω-`*)☀
@munyachawawa hey Munya! Great to meet you today at #EricFest (Marcus' girlfriend). An amazing event!! Would love to keep in touch! ❤
Raury is so diverse wow .
RT @ModiriFofoK: this GENUINELY killed me 🤣🤣😭
RT @TDzinoreva: @chimz_munya✊ Life is what you make it
@chimz_munya✊ Life is what you make it
RT @Khollee: Best housemate in BBA history is stil. 1.Richard 2.Munya 3.Richard 4.Uti 5.Karen @BigBroAfrica #BBAHOTSHOTS