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@shiidasham Okayy ! Kalau you ada nak oergi damansara you just let me know okay? Muah 💋
I may not have a valentine... I may not believe in this hallmark day... but I do have love in my heart and soul 365…
Jpj khamis depan HUHU moga dapat jpj yg baik hati kedebabommmm muah muah fuhhhhhh. Okee ni jampi okee.
@DisneyCutie11 Thank you Vivi!! 😊❤️❤️ Muah! 😘😘💋💋🌹
fuuuuckkkkk youuuuuuuu — Muah
@ygth0t Thanks baby only u wished me happy valentines day too muah
Happy Vals my Darlings.!! I love you plenty plenty! Muah 😍 . . . #thetalkwithvanessa #singleslounge
I have a "hitlist". BUT who do u wna see me throw a muah thai dub to the head. Put some names in the comments i may…
@SeaOfThieves I discovered how to still two tap in sea of theives :) thank you for leaving it in. Muah
happy valentines muah muah 💓🥴