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RT @MsVivicaFox: Happy Blessed Sun Dawlings! Fresh face kisses & smiles from my SQUAD! FUNTIMES w christiankelley21 tj.tharentoddjr…
@anakdarahmad Makasih shayangkuuu dtg ke seremban, emang kamu lagi syantikkk muah muah muah 💋
Oh dah lonely baru nak muah muah aku la? Aku ajak couple dulu rijek. Semudah ini mad?
RT @JinandJoon: HELLOOO! It is here! It’s finished my daughter is ready for her coming out party. FINALLY! My fanmade GCF. If you s…
Alamak sorrylah. This is my opinion. Hihi abang janganlah bitter sangat. Muah
@HeidiPrzybyla Heidi, Trump is childish not because of his business history rather his behavior and inability to be…
RT @cnni: JUST IN: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry are expecting their first child
@Pidisan91 Tula haritu suruh muah muah bff taknak.
Are top or bottom oi... Ask lang... — OR lagi. - Muah! hahaha
반모는 언제나 환영이에요! 디엠이나 멘션으로 반모 신청부탁해요(。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧
RT @amarratw: There go Takeoff making the song better without even being on the shit. 🤦🏾‍♀️
@yonoohjung Adeeek jangan gemesin dong hng :(( Sini adek bunsa gendongg yaa utututu :( /gendong jeyuni kecil / hehe…
@ABSCBN Yizz naman. 😍 Proud of you JaDine. Love love. Muah!! #TeamReal #JaDine
Thank you sa pa ice cream @_paulitaaaaa labyuu muah 😘
@FJ_cos 헉 저도 기억나요ㅠㅠㅠ맞아요 넘 잘 어울리셨어요🙆🙆💕
RT @willis_cj: when the bubble guts get to rumbling & you gotta hit that speed walk to the restroom