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RT @aminxrgh: The Romanians from my ends been wearing these since 2010 uno
@jemnina_1 في وحدة لبنانية اسما دولي شاهين اخدوها على فيلم مصري كرمال مشهد ......عملت مقابلة بنص mtv وصارت تحكي مصري كنت رح انتحر من وراها😏😏
Tédio de um sábado! 🙄
@RitaOra @VH1 @MTV Yeeeeeeeees ☺️ You are the most beautiful in this show ❤️💖
RT @MTVNews: The Women’s March Is A Family Affair For Ariana Grande
RT @teenIiars: especial de pitty no mtv hits é isso mesmo é? amei
RT @Miss_Swediepie: Blackout debuted at #2 on US charts & won Album of the Year at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards #BritneyArmy…
RT @AREUTHE1: A love that ended too soon? Alicia and Andre share a strange moment together in this deleted scene 😨
RT @MTV: I can't believe these DCOMs turn 15 this year...
от @chlnsk 💞 1. Виктория 2. Тэхен 3. - 4. - 5. 17 6. MTV 7. У меня их много 💛 8. Высокая 9. Конеш 10. Россия 11.
@RitaOra @VH1 @MTV Rita im not even excited us in kosovo cant even have a livestream
@TerjePeders1 I used to watch it on MTV and viva but it's now on Netflix and I have nothing else to do ahahah
RT @sptv_anime: ◆伝統あるMTV Unpluggedに水樹奈々が降臨◆ 一流アーティストの証『MTV Unplugged』に水樹奈々が登場! いつもの水樹奈々とは違う、プレミアムなステージは必見!
RT @Rayanee_Francy: @help1dpromise What Makes You Beautiful, na MTV kkkk
RT @FlorDeBelieber: PROHIBIDO olvidar la gran vuelta de Justin en los MTV VMAs 2015 #Beliebers #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards
RT @_dannyphoto_: Lol but it has?? I shoot for Nike, I'm published, got a book cover, I've shot for Frank Ocean, MTV, P. Diddy.... Wy…
RT @MTVNews: MTV News has coverage all day live from Washington D.C. #WomensMarch
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