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@SirMustard @foxhill_matt Sequel to Mrs Doubtfire where he has to host an entire drinks reception, being the ambass…
@piersmorgan @Iromg @NewickCC @KP24 You look like somebody stabbed a cauliflower with a piece of broccoli Mrs Doubtfire
Howard Shore - Mrs. Doubtfire
Watching Mrs Doubtfire.... still such a great movie 🍿
RT @shedoesthecity: Find out @MaraWilson 's go-to song for getting stuff done, her idea of happiness, and what she'd tell her younger s…
@megturney @AndyTheBlanch EHHH You're both wrong! The correct answer is Mrs. Doubtfire, DUH! 😁
@megturney @AndyTheBlanch Are we forgetting about his iconic role in Mrs. Doubtfire?! 😂
Imagine a female version of Mrs doubtfire
RT @angryobrien3: My dadbod is one part Thor and 3 parts Mrs. Doubtfire
@RonFunches Marla from fight club, the black sheriff from blazing saddles, and Robin Williams gay brother in mrs. Doubtfire
@megturney @AndyTheBlanch Don't forget, he was in Mrs Doubtfire, too.
It Makes No Sense That We Don't Have a a Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Yet
i’m still cryin bc michael clifford is really out here lookin like mrs doubtfire
@benshapiro Das Boot and Mrs Doubtfire = Disguised Seamen.
Straight up bet that the guy who did the Mrs Doubtfire score did legally blonde too
My mom watched Mrs. Doubtfire the night before I was born and without fail, every year since then on the night befo…
Mrs. Doubtfire with the kids. ❤📺❤📺❤
RT @GreytGang: That's enough now Mrs Doubtfire! You and your club are a total embarrassment. #WWFC