Movies Could Hit iTunes After Just Two Weeks in Theaters
Movies Could Hit iTunes After Just Two Weeks in Theaters | @HYPEBEAST
@BitterLunatic Kane in See No Evil makes cell phones in horror movies ok
life hack: watch scary movies before you sleep in order to avoid the rational nightmares of your everyday life.
Here’s exactly why Suicide Squad sucked (Entertainment) #brisbane #qld
Thought I saw a ghost out of the corner of my eye just like in the movies but there wasn't any creepy music playing so it wasn't anything.
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this idea was later taken by Hollywood dudes and made into the famous cowboy movies we have now!
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RT @honoratasy: imma do a thread of really good movies on netflix 😊
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RT @josh10leh: #LaLaLand will leave you speechless, crying, laughing, nostalgic and hopeful for the future of movies. #seeingstars #omg
@cracked Love him, but he's such a big baby when it comes to bad reviews because he's too stubborn to admit the movies sucked.
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