RT @linabugz: Lighting my pumpkin spiced candles and watching Halloween movies because I miss Halloween 😪
@cyncarly_ I have read books and watched a lot of movies 😂😂
Erotic Films That Expose Korea’s Dark Side via @Scene360
MOVIES THIS WEDNESDAY: Art With Impact’s presents "Movies for Mental Health" this Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm in...
RT @sparks1017: #BoyCottHollywood Totally...Don't give them your hard earned money for Crap movies...THEY need us, NOT the other w…
RT @LeanandCuisine: Y'all be crushing us in the first 30 minutes of horror movies, y'all bout to let us have this
RT @quenblackwell: Black people constantly being portrayed in movies as thugs America: *silence* A Caucasian family is portrayed as r…
All we need now is a live action Pokemon movies and 90's babies will be able to die happy
Críticos do NYT discutem festa do Oscar. Manohla me pareceu um tanto emburrada.
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@SensualSauuce @Devianc3 @songofalchemy Cali is the only place in America where watching anime movies isn't a pain in the ass tbh
RT @ZONADIGITAL5: Geniales carteles de cine actual al estilo de cine antiguo.
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RT @HereIsGina: Latinos make up the majority of movie goers on opening weekend. Shouldn't we be IN the movies we give so much money…
RT @engadget: Fox tests auto-downloading movies onto your phone
Congrats to all Oscar winners last night. Some amazing movies that inspire us to strive for greatness with our own films! #mondaymotivation
I wish I went to the movies more often. There's nothing better than a good flick
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RT @notjustmovies: Hi I'm Jimmy Kimmel, I don't know anything about movies and I think people should have good white names like Sally and Meat.
Don't matter how many movies he's in, Reilly will always be Reed Rothschild to me.
@SavageNation huh? Nobody goes to the movies anymore. Hollywood sells to poor Chinese
RT @mlukaszewski: Oscars ratings down. My guess is it's because people don't want to be lectured by stars from movies they've never heard of.