RT @FilmyFocus: #Nagarjuna’s #OmNamoVenkatesaya creates a record for devotional movies! @iamnagarjuna Read Here :…
@LIESPHIL can you recommend some really good/intellectual horror or psychological thriller movies
Christmas Canon: Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Precious Moments from the Home Alone movies
RT @garciajelica2: I wanna cuddle and watch movies but no, I have no one
"hel yea I love movies I watched a lot of movies recently"
I never sit down and watch movies with my family but tonight my parents and brother decided to watch finding dory.
@kilesengati yes they do but i don't want to start a production about me watching movies
RT @WomenNMedia: Bertolucci admits infamous Last Tango 'butter' rape scene was non-consensual via @YahooMoviesUK
ppl that look down on artists/fine art students, but watch movies/tv, read, enjoy fashion, art, videogames etc. Are welcome to fight me 25/8
@Variety @4eyedRaven #Oscars have no idea picking movies for visual effect nominations for years now.
I'm pretty sure ROTS is my favorite star Wars even if some of the movies are better
RT @livinleelife: This the type of night I just wanna lay up, order food, smoke sumn and watch movies
RT @XmasStocking: The 13 best #Christmas movies/shows on @netflix, according to @bustle. I'm interested in just over half.
RT @COOKIE_SCENE: 8/10)Belle & Sebastian - Like Dylan in the Movies とにかく、ルーもディランも、かっこいい。たとえば後者のドキュメント映画『ドント・ルック・バック』とか、必見! HI #TVCS63
Someone recommend me@some good movies to watch
'Rogue One' Home Edition: New 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Trailer Puts You in the Movie Action
@AmandaSeyfried I love all of your Movies and I can't wait for you to make more! :D
RT @dickfundy: There are more good Fast and Furious movies than Star Wars. Let that destroy your brain this weekend.
RT @PoeticalIylost: in the mood to bake Christmas cookies and watch Christmas movies and snuggle under 20 Christmas blankets with you
So we have problems with National Anthem before movies. Ok, but that Azaan blasted through loudspeakers at 5 am is amazeballs no?
RT @oceanviibess: i want to cuddle in like 20 blankets and watch Christmas movies all night