What do the chinless wonder about?
@MovieMayor 'King of Kensington' - Cathy wins a Cadillac Eldorado; she & Gladys sneak out late to go to the Dairy Queen & end up in Buffalo
It's variety nite at the Don Jail. First up: the prisoners' air violin concerto.
Delay at #TTC Sherbourne station to convert turnstiles to U.N. standards.
I once thanked a man for doing a thankless job, and his reputation plummeted.
All libraries closed Monday to look for Pierre Berton's missing point. @torontolibrary
@MovieMayor Well, that was SOME truss sale. I believe you missed 6 months of votes. But hey, welcome back, Mayor.
Toronto leads the globe in second thoughts.
Tonite on MANNIX: Joe investigates a crooked dry cleaner who's lining his pockets with other people's pockets.
At the Imperial Six box office, men with obvious and plaintive erections are sold tickets solely to films shot entirely in bright sunlight.
@TotzkeM Sayvette's Truss sale.
Tonight's meeting of the Films About Chickens League has been moved to Sayvette's Hosiery department.
The fair and efficient flow of ticket lineups at the Imperial Six are managed by the innate vigilante justice of the crowd.
I often think of fabric.
#christmas party tip: cummerbunds may be used in a pinch as tourniquets, meatball slings, kitten hammocks or emergency underwear.
So hungover from the Urinal Puck Lobbyists' #christmas party that butter melting on my toast sounds like infinity Ethel Mermans.
Opening Friday at the Imperial Six: #christmas comes but once a year, but dandruff never leaves in heartwarming SHOULDER BLIZZARD.
#ttc no longer allowing passengers to make their own transfers, as drivers handed wet kleenexes with lipstick hieroglyphics.
Delay on #ttc Yonge line as Governor-General hammers in the Last Spike on the tracks at Rosedale, just to shut Pierre Berton up.
There's no need for aldermen to soak their feet in Epsom salts during a budget meeting, and yet it is happening. #topoli
The doofus Eaton brothers have botched things again by insisting that Eaton's #christmas windows display be solely salami-themed.
@MovieMayor If you could bring back the Harbord Car, that'd be great. Thanks!@neville_park
@MovieMayor @neville_park Ha! The only transit service on Dufferin before the 1940s was between Lappin and Hallam Streets on the Harbord Car