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RT @shadihamid: Julian Assange has become the darling of the American far-right. Is this really happening?
RT @mrmarksteel: I've written a column about refugees and children and all that - if you've got a minute
Tory MP accuses government of 'tyranny' over Brexit strategy
RT @faisalislam: PM to @JunckerEU after lunch: UK wants control "on numbers" of EU migration, "positive outcome" for goods & services
RT @haveigotnews: Join us tonight at 9pm @BBCOne - with host @iamjobrand and guest panellists @timfarron and @chris_kammy.
Man arrested under Terrorism Act over suspicious device on London tube
RT @MSmithsonPB: For a party with double digit leads in all the national polls the 15% CON vote drop in Witney was poor & hardly vote of confidence in TMay
RT @MSmithsonPB: Pro hard BREXIT parties, CON & UKIP, see vote DOWN by 20.7% in Witney by-election. Anti-BREXIT Liberal Democrats vote UP 23.5%
RT @MSmithsonPB: Witney Conservative majorities GE2015: 25,155 By-election: 5,702
RT @MSmithsonPB: Yes turnout numbers were down sharply in Witney - but it was the Tories that suffered most.
RT @D_Blanchflower: @ONS needs to explain why it is unable to produce up to date lmkt data like every other EU country except Greece
RT @prospect_clark: Thinktankers! Seize the day! Deadline for @prospect_uk 2016 Thinktank of Year awards is nigh! #ProspectTTA16
@D_Blanchflower @guardian real wages still well below pre-crisis peak? Surprise, surprise....
RT @D_Blanchflower: I have new column in @guardian today showing slowing wage growth from 2.4% to 2.0% + rise in unempt of 10,000, 25,000 or 144,000 this mth
RT @PJDunleavy: Xenophobia Britannica? Anti-immigrant attitudes in the UK are among the strongest in Europe
RT @AlasdairMSmith: @DanielJHannan Without an agreed UK-EU FTA both sides are obliged to levy WTO tariffs, so it's the no-agreement default
RT @joncstone: World War II cost the Allies over 61 million dead and Axis over 12 million dead, which is why we never fought it
Farshid Moussavi es una arquitecta británica de renombre internacional. Desde 2006 es profesora de la Harvard...
I dag 21 Oktober på konserthuset firade FN dagen förväg . Jag önskar FN riktig bidra för fred.
Tories hold Witney and Labour retains Batley and Spen in byelections
European Ruling Highlights Apple's Corrupted Business Model via @INETeconomics