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European Ruling Highlights Apple's Corrupted Business Model via @INETeconomics
That voodoo that you do: The bitter, political fight to create a new macroeconomics via @TheEconomist
This paragraph from @OneworldNews 's Blunders of Our Government's reads as an accurate description of JC's Labour.
RT @DamCou: Don't read this if you're a sane Lefty and are fed up of being depressed, but this is such a familiar story.
RT @Frances_Coppola: Not clear to me why the US should expect EU to exempt offshore dollars from taxation just because the US allows them to be held offshore.
RT @Frances_Coppola: So Apple used Ireland as US dollar tax haven. Now EU wants to tax those offshore dollars, & US is complaining. Have I got this right?
RT @howardeskin: Report from eye witness at #Vikings camp. QB Teddy Bridgewater "his leg snapped and his knee was flailing around" @FOX29philly
RT @jdportes: "Brexit means..whatever we want it to mean". Govt has made no progress since 23/6 in defining objectives/priorities:
RT @pdanahar: Al-Adnani was way more than a spokesman for ISIS. He was the group’s charisma, wooing a new generation of jihadis away Al-Qaeda & into ISIS.
RT @pdanahar: Al-Adnani’s death a big blow for ISIS. He announced the creation of the ‘Islamic State’ He publicly broke with & mocked Al-Qaeda leadership
RT @MarcRClaude: Prof. Stiglitz on taxation against externalities: 'I propose a corrective tax on surpluses like Germany's'#LSEEuro
RT @EconEconomics: Is macroeconomics too important to be politicised? Our columnist @ryanavent doesn't think so
RT @business: Freeing America from the use of fossil fuels before it's too late will cost trillions
RT @shiapulse: Friday Prayer Leader Khatami urges Rouhani Gov to halt its populist actions after Rouhani circles increased their efforts to free Moussavi
After Brexit, Philip Hammond can make a strong case for stimulus
@Heather_Rolfe I'm sure you've seen this already - also v good on impact of cutting EU migration on low wage industries
The Economist | Brexit and immigration: Raising the drawbridge via @TheEconomist citing @britishfuture @sundersays
The Economist | Fiscal multipliers: Where does the buck stop? via @TheEconomist
The Mundell-Fleming trilemma: Two out of three ain’t bad via @TheEconomist
After the disastrous burkini ban, France must return to the rule of law | Natalie Nougayrède
RT @theprospect: Urgency added to progressive calls for a public option as #Aetna and others abandon the ACA's insurance exchanges:
@Heather_Rolfe great article on UK trucking industry's plight given labour shortage and dependence on EU migrants -
I read Chicago by Sam Moussavi
Is Britain on the verge of a Brexit-fuelled house price crash? Only the data will tell
Call for Experts: Migration Governance – The Hague Institute for Global Justice @plegrain @jdportes