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RT @ra_childish: Y'all remember when when snapchat tried to make us pay for filters and we all sat there like
RT @Alythuh: Bathed in coffee, wine, and green tea earlier~ ☕️🍷🍵
where was this tweet when I was making my college decisions
"Build that wall and make Mexico pay!"
"I'm a cat and I think the internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2 was a great idea"
"I'm a cat and I identify as alt-right"
زندگی من مجموعه تلاشهای من برای راضی نگه داشتن چهار جبهه مخالف بطور همزمانه
tweet a new text for testing
RT @MarthaStewart: I decided to plow now I am stuck darn!!!!!
RT @innerwildflower: rihanna damn near gives more face than these girls who model full time but that's my opinion
RT @AkatsukiPapi: "Look at me, im de captain now"
RT @partylikeits07: "Kim Kardashian has no talent" explain this
The ambassador's head is Mousavi, who police say has politely paid off a Marine missile incident to permit troops.
RT @GaryLineker: I will continue to speak up for refugees and immigrants and British values of tolerance and free speech. I won't be bullied by them.
@khaoma0 F. eks at Listhaug har omtalt innvandrere som parasitter, og at familien Mousavi ble offer for terrorangrep.