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@Ioveforpjm omg wait no let me try againf. MINNIEEEIEHSSHEHEHEE I MOSSED U I LOVBBB UUUUUUUUU 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺
@TyDycE I’d rather get burnt than mossed 😂
Am i the only one who thinks there’s an argument that getting mossed is worse than burnt?
@The_Law_Boy You eat the moss. Your HP was mossed out.
Bruh, I ain’t scared of getting burned. Getting mossed and scored on make you not even want to walk back to the sid…
@The_legendJuan @Kryptonite33_ @Titukes @lordzneverworry You mossed dudes with a 2 inch vertical, I’m def showing up this year now 😂
@whatsinside You mossed the bracelet metal parts and the the crown of the watch! Great job though.
Aye, a lot of yall got kids and young siblings. When they playing peewee ball and get crossed or mossed or ran ove…
@stormfells I LOVE YOU I MOSSED YOU TOO;;;;
gone too soon u will be mossed black@haired jimihb
Parallel this westering narrative I’ll offer the village station. We’ll share places I hope sidings are mossed.
You just got mossed!
Lifestyles of the rich and famous really mossed the boat on a reboot. Thats all TV is now for the most part (masked…
@_jeannett_ @LexiTheeUnicorn 😂😂😂❤️ ive mossed you guys
Blind white mossed grey carved / blocks of stone noses smiling / thin lips / green mossy fronds of giant / trees, t…
@tigerberry95 I mossed you too😭💜 how have you been?
I'm a so sorry i mossed you today! My day wasn't so good, but don't worry about me ! I just want you to know that……
@KrystinaArielle Lived in my car for a bit and slept under a brodhe or two in my short 26 years. Don't let the trol…
@sam_mcclure He played vfl last weekend😂😂😂mossed one game with injury then wasn’t picked against hawks!!!