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*NEW MUSIC* BraNNue LIFE-Morris Chestnut #ThePerfectGuy Download it @ ...
Enjoy five minutes in heaven scrolling through photos of @MichaelEaly @OmariHardwick @Morris_Chestnut _ more! #MCE
Morris Chestnut though 😍😍😍😍
@Morris_Chestnut @RealSkipBayless @undisputed you're right but my boys are hungry this season I can feel it hope they stay humble
@RosewoodWriters @Morris_Chestnut @JainaLeeOrtiz @D_Lombardozzi It was awesome! Totally made my day! Thanks so much! 😊🌹
RT @RosewoodWriters: Met a fellow Rosebud last night @rinnycanyounot Thank you for being a fan! @Morris_Chestnut @JainaLeeOrtiz @D_Lombardozzi #Rosewood
on who Jaden said Morris Chestnut is ugly.. that's so wild & disrespectful😭
@YungEmac CLEARLY. This nigga driving around in a 1986 Altima really thinking he resembles Morris Chestnut.
@PeteThePlanner do you want your wife to know Morris Chestnut?
Morris Chestnut anything😍😍😍😍
RT @really_sharrie: @Morris_Chestnut talk about classic pic 😍😎 still one of my fav movies of all time :) .
@Morris_Chestnut talk about classic pic 😍😎 still one of my fav movies of all time :) .
I already know if I see Morris Chestnut in a movie there's gonna be a girl that does him dirty no matter how good he treat her
Morris Chestnut is definitely one of the best actors!😭
If Morris Chestnut hopped in my DMs....
Me while waiting for @RosewoodFOX to return in a couple of weeks! @Morris_Chestnut @JainaLeeOrtiz 😫
@JaredWyand @Darren32895836 This is how accurate any story from @CNN is reported and fact checked. Journalism is de…
Ladies Love Cool JJ! My sonπŸ’™ the pre-k Morris Chestnut LOL. Mom's are always telling me how…
RT @undisputed: The Cowboys are playing great, but @Morris_Chestnut wants @RealSkipBayless to remember it's only October.
RT @RealSkipBayless: I told Morris Chestnut in August that Dak and Zeke would be the reasons for the Cowboys success. Boy was I right. NOW on @undisputed