RT @Kaliido: This Man Grew Up Gay In A Mormon Community Where Homosexuality Is A ‘Sin’ - #Kaliido #LGBT
Ma chanson Hypante de la semaine : "Hello !" - Book of Mormon.
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@CrunchieYT @RSHobbitses I was gonna send a pic of my book of Mormon but I lost it
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i just met a tinder dude that's mormon and has tourette's and a virgin.
Find Out What It's Like Dating As A Gay Mormon - NewNowNext
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LDSMediaTalk: Guarding Your Personal Information Online #lds #mormon
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RT @AtlasGagged: As a #Mormon Mitt Romney believes that Mary was NOT a virgin, and that God came to Earth to engage in LITERAL SEX to impregnate her w. Jesus
That book of mormon ad on channel 9 is cringey as fuck haha
Because I have given you 1 gift need not suppose that I cannot give another #lds #mormon @BookofMormon @FoxNews @CNN
RT @thejohndnewton: The Mormon narrative is that the lost tribe of Israel were the Native Americans because they crossed the Bering strait. #DidNotKnow
2011年トニー賞受賞作品 Book of Mormon より 「Joseph Smith American Moses」
Guarding Your Personal Information Online #lds #mormon
RT @mormonboyz: Mormon jizz - good to the last drop! See Elder Farnsworth take it all - tomorrow only on…
Mormon guy just stopped me and asked if I'd ever heard of mormons before. Didn't know what to say so I just went "aye sorry"