Program 4 tonight's listening Evolution Tax-Supported Religion Fraud Exposed on Art Bulla #lds #mormon @BookofMormon
Como detesto el chismerio mormón, es lo peor.
@mormon_news like constitution party and independent American party. Because republican and democrat party are one in the same= republicrat
Soooo tired, gonna eat some pizza, Book of Mormon is tonight, then the bulk of the moving tomorrow. I have Mon/Tue off at least.
@mormon_news you should look at REAL Conservative party. Ones who uphold and defend constitution,who have the constitution as their platform
Very grateful that I have parents that are down to get drunk before we have to deal with the Mormon side of the family 💃
RT @mackette52: WHY would anyone #Christian #Jew #Islam OR Non Beliver listener 2 #crazy #WHITEhorse #mormon @glennbeck + his CULT!…
@mormon_news So if U R true Mormon U would listen 2 founding fathers & not buy into 2 party system that are founding fathers warned about
@HillaryforUT @TheCut @annaesilman Hillary supports Sharia law. I can't see Mormon women supporting Hillary Clinton.
Mormon Mom Has An Abortion Story Donald Trump Needs To Hear - Huffington Post
RT @Senghendrake: There is currently a battle-royale in my mentions, involving Romanists, Orthos, Prots and a Mormon. Oh boy, what have I started?
RT @LDSsotd: Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you;seek me diligently… D&C 88:63 #comfort…
@mormon_news And Clinton will make it impossible for U 2 even be a Mormon. And her & her husband have ACTUALLY DONE immoral and evil things
TELL ME AGAIN HOW 3RD PARTY VOTES R WASTED! @dpakman Mormon Ind. Candidate Evan McMullin Leading in UT #tytlive
OMG Im DONE. group of 3 Jehovah Witness', 2 Mormon young men, FOUR political canvassers in last 5 HRS today. May let dogs answer door now
RT @nocontextmt: We've all had the spooky Mormon hell dream
Alan Richardson on Baptismal Regeneration and John 3 #mormon #mormonism #twitterstake #lds
Picturing history: Mormon history room, Quincy, Illinois
RT @HillaryforUT: 7 Mormon Bloggers on Why They Would Never Vote for Trump via @TheCut
is the book of mormon bible fanfic
Fidèle comme un mormon
kyle whittingham - one dumb fucking mormon. holy shit
RT @McMittBabe: Many worried #Trump supporters are saying only people supporting #EvanMcMullin are Mormons in UT/ID. Please list state & if Mormon or not.