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@Chroma1618 But its is that like the Rock because its from Hawaii or Morgan Freeman?.
Me gustaría que cuando muera, sea porque Clint Eastwood me pega un tiro mientras que Morgan Freeman narra los hechos.
It's going to be crazy when Betty White and Morgan Freeman eventually die. Like damn. Just thinking about it.
RT @scrahallia: @SharrelWright you do realise that's a photo of Morgan Freeman & not Nelson Mandela? Muppet.
RT @JHenwick: Get busy living or get busy dying... Morgan Freeman is King.
This is a work of art. Could we get it read aloud by Morgan Freeman?
RT @scrahallia: @SharrelWright you do realise that's a photo of Morgan Freeman & not Nelson Mandela? Muppet.
"Si alguien ora por paciencia, cree que Dios le dará paciencia? O la posibilidad de ser paciente?" Te amo Morgan Freeman.
@philsteele1 hopefully you got someone good to read it like @michaelsheen or Morgan Freeman to be your voice 👍#liquidgoldvoice
RT @abzky_67: Don't confuse my personality with my attitude.... My personality is who i am, and my attitude depends on who you are.... - Morgan Freeman
Jealousy is a good indication that you are doing things the right way... - Morgan Freeman #wednesdaywisdom
RT @pglyman: A voice a smooth as Morgan Freeman - Stan Eckenberg, President and COO of @CSIsolutions delivering the keynote this…
I love Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman as Madiba on Invictus 💯
Morgan Freeman sure does look like Mandela in movie " Invictus"
Chapelle's Netflix special opens with Morgan Freeman and a j dilla song So far so good
RT @Yubbie007: Morgan Freeman narrates the story of Arsenal Football Club.
Morgan Freeman probably gets at least 1000 VoiceOver offers a day
In honor of National Poetry Month, we invite you to listen to "Invictus" read by Morgan Freeman. According to...
@petrol1971 morgan freeman,kobe, da binmez artik😭
They got Morgan Freeman narrating the intro. This is already a classic
The fact that Dave Chappelle was able to get Morgan freeman to do the voice over for his specials is fucking amazing
Invictus still my best Mandela movie and always will be,thanks Morgan Freeman for the stellar performance
Morgan Freeman narrating Dave Chappelles intro is the voiceover I never knew I needed to hear