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RT @rozanek: „Nikdy jsem nedělal doodle o někom, koho nikdo nikdy neviděl,“ říká designer, který vytvořil dnešní logo s Cimrmanem
RT @antmoragu: Vamos a tocar el cielo como la primera vez celebremos esta noche y prometo no volver #LaOrejaEnAndaYa #Verano #VuelveLaOreja
Dr Monty's Factory 48 Liquid Divinium spins Perkaholic RIP #Revelations #BlackOps3 #treyarch #gobblegums #zombies
RT @ippatel: Sisodiya is in Finland to meet Khalistani leaders for Punjab Election.Meeting will be done in a Gurudwara. Khalistanis sponsored his visit.
RT @srivram234: @suhelseth @monty_chadha suhel seth u apologies for his tweet because of ur big heart but that fellow @ArvindKejriwal never do that,
Salej brendiju un pasaka jociņus no Monty Pyton.
Wonderful film also starring Monty Clift & Judy Garland
RT @DKMahant: License plate on the rear said, JUDGE HIGH COURT. Scratched my PARKED car. Ran away from scene after I clicked pic.
RT @Brindille_: John Cleese - Ministry of Silly Walks Monty Python's Flying Circus
RT @ANI_news: If the CM and ministers have to wait for days to meet their own leadership in Delhi. How can they stay in such party?: Kiren Rijiju,MoS Home
RT @jinu4545: @KapilMishraAAP yes he is is same @KhanAmanatullah jo apne ghar walo ke tak rashan card bana deta hai
RT @HazzaNFFC: Monty knows the @EFL is corrupt... Absolute joke against Forest. #NFFC
RT @rksingh1610: Kejriwal's cough was due to enlarged tongue via @TOIDelhi-Kudos to Bengaluru Doctors for solving AK's tongue mystery
RT @BarnacreAlpacas: Today's #smileycriaface despite being soggy comes from Yehudi who looks very much like Monty when he's wet! #alpacas
Imagine picking Moeen Ali as your 4th spinner ahead of Monty.
@suhelseth @monty_chadha suhel seth u apologies for his tweet because of ur big heart but that fellow @ArvindKejriwal never do that,
RT @KanchanGupta: There's more to #SwachhBharat flop show in Delhi. BJP-run municipalities had money but failed to build toilets.
RT @EdriemRZ: Nouveau coup de coeur : Monty Python / Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Monty Python Sings) #deezer
November 5th, 2016 At the Arena in Grantham - Monty Roberts Demonstration.
@SimplySean_ Exactly. Although, they could have called up Monty.