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RT @JoJobaISart: Theory: Is Guts the Black Night from Monty Python and The Holy Grail?
Que monty hijo de puta JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA😂😂😂
@SkyStore it's free on kodi. I Already give you lot too much money per monty
RT @NuevaVidaAdop: MADRID MONTY bebe 2meses Fruto d camada indeseada,nacio en la calle junto 11cachorros mas #madrid #adopta…
I actually hate Monty so much right now until he comes home and he's all lovey dovey 😤😤😤
Fantastic show @GrandTheatreLS1 last night. The Full Monty was so funny 😂well done to all the cast and crew
I just uploaded “Kay and Monty then and now” to #Vimeo:
Always look like a grade A ugly scruff whenever I go out to the royal/monty's ahahahahaha
RT @ChewAndChase: Festive toys & treats, specialising in super durable toys & accessories too #dogs…
RT @moriartyjamjim: arizona + eliza — come my way –they're too cute😻 dt. monty
Monty our Bosc Monitor Lizard enjoying his scrambled egg for breakfast!!
RT @suzydaviesam: Its @SmallBizSatUK! If poss, support @FSB_Wales' #10PoundPledge + back local businesses, like @dillyskitchen.…