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I wish I loved anything as much as Monty loves kicking field goals when he’s down by double digits.
Taking a break with uncle Monty.
These two impressed me so much with their soccer passing skills! Great job⚽️ #montypride
Also we had an idea for doing a CSI episode in the vein of Fur and Loathing, but for Size-con. A con-goer is found…
Today a lady in my meeting was trying to tell us about a venue they were at last year. And just kept frantically re…
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Alix Perez feat. Monty - Caligo
I liked a @YouTube video Alix Perez feat. Monty - Caligo
My Kindergarten "smarties" did such a great job sorting fruits and veggies and working on their fitness! #montypride
Monty Got A Raw Deal #RyanReacts
if monty thinks he can ignore me for twelve hours he better be prepared for me to ignore him for the rest of forever :-)
missing those late night smoke ups with monty
@FindShotFirst Monty Python's Flying Circus
Food Group Fitness🍞🥕🍍🥩🧀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Nooooo I wanna go before it get colder!