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RT @VijayGoelBJP: दिल्लीवासियों को गुमराह कर रहे हैं केजरीवाल
RT @YRDeshmukh: Hail Jesus for Yogi Adityanath. This is absolutely bizarre and funny. 😊😊😊😊 {Btw, I confirmed the translation of the…
RT @MakrandParanspe: Sir, I'm not sure "Hinduphobia" is the right phrase; who's afraid of Hindus? Shouldn't it be "anti-Hinduism" or "Hinduhate"? @VamseeJuluri🤔
@YUVSTRONG12 Cake walk 4 our india to win this match paaji By d way monty panesar tagged u in his tweet plz check it's about Godofcricket😍😘
Just dropping by here to say that I finally found a good song for a Monty video :)
RT @dhaval241086: Rahul Gandhi leading from the front & pushing Congress Party @ya_jhakaas @Amit_smiling
someone love me and bring me food
RT @abhijitmajumder: Saffron surge in Bengal: RSS enters as 'Muslim appeasement' leaves Hindus very upset | @AninBanerjeeeee @mail_today
[EU] The Black Knight (Monty python & the holy grail) Going through a nasty breakup.
RT @PawanDurani: @shabnamlone and I am wondering why there is a silence about this @IndiaToday
RT @PawanDurani: @shabnamlone hugely disappointing narrative you gave ... wouldn't gave mind from separatist or Er Rashid ..Good Night ..@IndiaToday
RT @PawanDurani: @shabnamlone I usually don't , but on these facts I can debate ... my dad was forced to Poinch , Ladakh , Doda.. @IndiaToday
RT @shabnamlone: @PawanDurani @IndiaToday Pawan IT IS AMATTER OF RECORD WHY SHUD 1 run away 4m reality let's have a debate
RT @PawanDurani: @shabnamlone the narrative separatists , as well as parties like National Conference built & you are suggesting is not OK @IndiaToday
RT @shabnamlone: @PawanDurani @IndiaToday shud u feel it is not correct Till 1991. Then I too challenge u to say otherwise
RT @PawanDurani: . @IndiaToday dear @shabnamlone which census was that & can you lend me the book for a day , I will scan & file a RTI for truth ..
Candidat à l'élection présidentielle et il est à 2 doigts de lancer une cagnotte leetchi pour pouvoir aller en Guya…
RT @KanchanGupta: Media like @ndtv never mention Lalu Prasad Yadav is convicted of corruption and debarred from public office. So muc…
RT @IWashington: BTS: Episode 4x08 - God Complex - Photo Credit: Dean Buscher #Jaha #Gaia #Monty #Kane #Indra .@clarkinlarkin .…
RT @mediacrooks: When morons run out of any logic... they will resort to more dumbassery with such stupid comments
RT @ArunbajpaiRajan: भाजपा सांसद आरके सिंह बोले- भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे बोलने वालों को पटक-पटक कर मारूंगा
@_inc0_ (but I don't think @e_monty will be taking that on :D)