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No me han retwitteado ningún Tweet [últimas 24h] #TuitUtil Genoa-Montoya, affare in dirittura d’arrivo: il Rosario Central conferma, ecco le cifre #genoa #calcio #SerieA Genoa-Montoya, Carloni: “A breve contatto con Preziosi per chiudere” #genoa #calcio #SerieA
Genoa: accordo per Montoya, Bisoli verso Cagliari
#Genoa-Montoya affare in dirittura d’arrivo il Rosario Central conferma ecco le cifre #Genoa-Montoya, #affare ...
RT @VO_2K: Alertas con estos sujetos, ingresan a los chat de ventas y estafan a los vecinos de @los2caminos el puente para el…
RT @comicsalliance: Renee Montoya Keeps the Animated Rogues in Check, and Other DC Collectibles Sneak Peeks
RT @CORTINAMUSICAL2: #BuenMartes #LocaDeLaSelfie Montoya Vaca Muerta Murió Chocolate #LasMentirasDeTuiter #LugaresTristes Mundial de 48…
RT @1990sF1: Jacques Villeneuve (narrow track Williams FW19 test car) & Juan Pablo Montoya (wide track FW19). Pre-Season Testing…
Las mejores marcas de moda del momento con importantes descuentos en esta campaña de #rebajas. Selección #polos,... Genoa: accordo per Montoya, Bisoli verso Cagliari #genoa #calcio #SerieA
RT @imyourbadkarma: Maymay can stand alone, but not forever. I'm glad Edward's there for her whenever she falls down. Skrengge it is! CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MadamLucyMo: Sino ba namang hindi masasakal sa pagiging kaibigan mo. Kaya pala wala kang friends sa outside world. CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MadamLucyMo: I feel bad for those that are so insecure they will actually try to bring down other people's self esteem. CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MadamLucyMo: Utak at puso Dream Team! CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MadamLucyMo: I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception. CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MayWardOfficial: Barber fam! WeGonnaCheerYou EDWARD
RT @SometimesArtist: One of the most interesting and blossoming friendships sa BnK in their froggie and piggy onesies xD CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MadamLucyMo: Maymay's tagline: Cheer Up, Don't give up, We had your back. Bes' tagline: Looking for companion, Asking for some sympathy. CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @MaymayOfficial: Throwback: Vice complimenting Maymay :) Too many people love you for who you are. Keep holding on to your faith. C…
RT @PlanetaRCentral: [¿FIN DE LA NOVELA?] En las próximas horas llegarían dos o tres ofertas más de Europa por Montoya. Por ahora, Genoa…