Tweets about a recent trend: Monobrow

@ben_machell Needs to tan his monobrow once plucked imo
RT @aka_dawn: The most incredible monobrow happening on blankety blank right now (📺: @ChallengeTV)
The most incredible monobrow happening on blankety blank right now (📺: @ChallengeTV)
@PersephoneSD love hollyoaks just hate seeing your face, them teeth and monobrow, sorry but for me you can't play the part needed #cretin
Happy & honoured to have won monobrow last night at #yyjfringe30. First real story telling experience and not my last!
When will folk realise having a monobrow is a choice? Honestly, you don't have to live with that.
@calvinengland I'm envisioning a dyed gold monobrow
I wonder when the monobrow will come into fashion and be the thing to have (if it hasn't already???)
@MalikftsAshton not like i have as well, bye monobrow
@historyhoe at least he doesn't have a monobrow anymore
Y'all get nudes from your boyfriends on snapchat I get a video of him waxing his monobrow
I'm feeling a bit Frida Kahlo today: sans monobrow
Masculinity so fragile boys won't even pluck a monobrow smh
Monobrow been growin wild and free while I had my back turned
@talkSPORT Monobrow is getting his excuses in early regarding the derby
@Chanel_Kylie I only got mine done today bc we get our photo taken when we go for enrolment 😹 didn't wanna have a monobrow in me photo 😹
Growing out my monobrow n looking like a right cunt
@danisnotonfire hey cheer up Farfetch'd isn't so great anyway it's just a duck with a monobrow who really loves his leeks
@87Almas haha that's not too bad. I had the monobrow 😭
@AlainMecherk bitch ya dog better looking than you with that monobrow lose weight fatness
@nyreeewilson I heard her say yellow teeth and a monobrow