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Goedemorgen ☕
Wheelchair Tennis Women's Singles 1992 Paralympics Gold Medal Winner - Monique Van Den Bosch #WheelchairTennis #Paralympics
So Shower , Squats , && To Bed I Go 🙌
Za'layia Finally Fell Asleep
@realDonaldTrump he probably crys at night reading these tweets because we hate you Donald Trump will never be my President never
RT @YouPrettyMf: Y'all slept on ppl who really loved you & wanted the best for you, like.. wyd
RT @wordsnquotes: He offered her the world. She said she had her own. - Monique Duval
@realDonaldTrump your just hurt cause no celebs wanted to be apart of your inauguration haha sucks to suck
This is what y'all be doin 😂
Monique Valenzuela ❣: Life INSURANCE or ASSURANCE? #Millennials #GenX #entrepreneur #marketing SERVING OTHERS ..
Dapat kasama ako eh 😭
I really hate losing! Like I take it to the heart 😂
@realDonaldTrump we all cried in disbelief we thought for sure @HillaryClinton was going to become President
RT @BlacPeopleVines: When bae sending you freaky texts 😍😜😜
To aqui na rua com a Monique!
Ang hot ni tito Walter nung nag-British accent siya 🤣
RT @comedyandtruth: When you're ready to go home but your mom keeps talking to her friends.
Mom why are you doing this to me😭😭😭