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@MadameL_ATX no denying that. We are watching the same thing. It's unbelievable. But she still had hope that she could see her family.
RT @FeverFlave: Sure, the heavier blade will do more damage, but the lighter one is easier to handle and will cause more pain and terror Choose the machete
RT @FeverFlave: You know when you're in a dive bar? You're like that and I can't get away fast enough so I ditch the tab.
RT @JoeDillrd: This is the most perfect episode of television that I have EVER seen. #ThisIsUs
Dengarkan saya menyanyikan "Sebuah Rasa" di #Smule: #SingKaraoke
RT @FF14_SnowofJune: 공론화를 하는게 맞는지 사실 모르겠습니다.@yeung08->@yeun_56=@ff14_seli=@seowol_8=@FF14_Rina=@ff14_monica 모두 같은 사람이며 인벤 사사게 글에 있는 이 사람과 동일인물입니다.
RT @underrtheskinn: Monica Geller: -I KNOW -tan preciosa -competitiva -obsesiva del orden y el control -gran amiga -quiero protegerla…
RT @TheBeerGuy_: The priest seemed rather nonplussed during confession when I mentioned that I'd been touching my mangina inappropriately.
RT @daltonmiller56: Every girl deserves this kind of relationship 🙌🏼🙌🏼
RT @TheBeerGuy_: I originally came to Twitter to follow celebrities, but I now find myself tweeting about my mangina. My parents must be so proud.
RT @TheBeerGuy_: If you think that I'm above tweeting Wilson Phillips references, hold on.
RT @livetennis: Angelique #Kerber will move closer to regaining the No. 1 ranking if she beats Monica #Puig on Wednesday. Preview:…
RT @TheBeerGuy_: Okay I'll say it. Bert's unibrow is just a landing strip for Ernie.
no nvm, the cutting hair deal is off, I repeat the cutting hair deal is off.
Tô só o meme da Mônica pensando que com certeza eu não vou conseguir acordar amanhã
RT @taniavaduran: Mónica y Mago encerradas😭 en un cuarto oscuro😠Altagracia ya va pagar y de la peor manera👊🏼 #LaDoña @dannapaola…
@souaise Q feio fala assim de mim e da Mônica.
RT @TheBeerGuy_: It was at 3 AM, after eating 2 bowls of goulash & watching Whitesnake videos, that I realized I may not have yet realized my full potential.
De 0 a SJW, o quão desocupado você tem que ser pra problematizar a Turma da Mônica?
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Canadians feel the same way about Trudeau too
RT @niaya_love_: #allison model nude fucking monica belucci free movies