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RT @xX_ebonymonet: vibe alone for a while & crush some goals🤑🤘🏽
RT @LAndofKIYA: i hate when people tweet about sex, like that's private! 😩
I had so much seafood today😋
RT @i_live_to_blend: I don't like a bitch that wanna be everyone's friend
RT @All_Staar_Cheer: So ready for summer☀️
RT @Indian_Dollll: I fell back off that love shit 🤗
RT @DollfaceChynnah: idc how close we was, if u moving funny IM NOT GONNA FWU!
Question that needs a serious answer!
RT @joviellety: I mean, if they were that determined to get a white dude for Light Yagami anyway, it should have been High School M…
RT @ohhthatsvannahh: If we "beefin" .. You "beefin" with yourself !
RT @DAROYALT81: #Repost @HwoodUnlocked HU Staff: Deja Monet @dejvmonet Starting in May 2018, you can visit the…
RT @keizou55: ユーモレスクのアンサンブルみたいに🎶🎼 おはようさまです🌷 笑顔を輝かせて、心もニコニコ顔~素敵な1日でありますように🌸🌺🌹🍀 ドボルザーク ユーモレスク
My professor is trying to encourage us to mimic technique from Monet and all I can think is
RT @PaolaChiocchi: #DonneInArte #ArtLovers #SpringTime 🌸💮🏵🌹🌺🌻🍀 Claude Monet
RT @bryaandiamond: i'll deadass hop out the shower just to skip a song i don't like lol
RT @EsArtistico: "Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil" (1875), Claude Monet - Impresionismo
RT @Trt_Lincoln: There will be a candle light tomorrow for Karonn " KG " Grant at 8pm at the Top of the U. Tell everyone to come.
All my friends left me 😭
RT @LakeyD_: long story short, fuck with somebody that’ll always make sure you’re straight no matter what terms y'all on.
RT @albesmilesback: Guardate che brava. Picasso mi fa un baffo, Monet mi fa da cameriere, E Van Gogh mi lucida le scarpe.…
RT @SteezieSTAXX: It ain't much I can't handle & it ain't shit out here that I can't bounce back from.