RT @amipinke: s/o to my mom for being with the shits
RT @ShereeJ_: Damn girl. All for disrespecting you mom? I woulda been slapped my momma for this shit
I'm giving away something for you on @listia: Living Memory Locket for Mom. Get it here -
RT @_TaylorBennett: What god has for you is for you & no one else -mom
the scene in "diary of a mad black woman" when the mom shows up in the church & blows tf out of that song never fails to put me in shambles
RT @Bamanboi: When it's 9pm and your mom shuts off the internet
@markhoppus I am just so happy you fixed my eyesight. I've been staring at a 12 year old with a stripper mom
Me when my mom ask me to do something for her that's super easy and will only take two seconds
My mom doesn't even want to hold a conversation with me.
RT @CauseWereGuys: When you get that text saying you've used most of your data & you know that call from your mom is coming any second
RT @wolveskinpapi: Trying to figure out how the hell you think you're successful because you got famous off of disrespecting your mom.
My mom wants me to get a boyfriend so bad already she blames every little thing I do bcus I don't have one 😪
All u gotta do is first fight your mom it's really that easy
RT @KayleyLowder: not hitting my mom stealing cars or being a thottie
RT @BeeKaY_NY: my mom bought me this album back in 2006, so this is a mood.
RT @yotranemusic: My mom always tells me to enjoy the little things, because one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
RT @Faggolli: My mom just called me a cuck
once I tell my mom about you it's too late
If anyone in here is "real" like they claim then let's fucking throw a benefit or something to help Joe save up money for his mom. #rip
RT @4RTB4BE: i care more abt his mom liking me than him liking me lol his mom is his closest one in his heart & i need to win he…