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@1Drizzt LOL it's my mom's fave.
RT @freezekookie: Look at jeongguk holds his mom hand like he doesn't want to lose her, he is indeed a sweet son as well;; 3;;
RT @ThisIsEllian: So my #ldjam game will be Good Impression, a game in which you play a young adult and need to make a good impressio…
@as_mom うん、ボーとしてるでしょ(笑)実はのぼせて倒れてるんじゃないかと思ったり(笑)
RT @AjHoranlicious: Louis giving her mom a kiss from above breaks my heart. We're truly proud of you Louis. #ProudOfLouis
Appreciate my mom helping me find an apartment 💓 she secretly hates me
RT @PopCrave: Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki performing at the UK #XFactorFinal. Louis blows a kiss to his mom, so much strength…
RT @zquady: Full Louis' performance tonight as a tribute for his mom. #ProudOfLouis #XFactorFinal
RT @voyezah: sometimes like a lady, sometimes like a child, sometimes like a sister, sometimes like a mom, sometimes like a btch
@ravenstag163 @MurderHusbands_ omfg if Mads is that parent that falls asleep in movies I'm gonna die laughing (my mom did this with LOTR)
Child A (after hearing L.L. Cool J): "So mom, just for clarification you would never tell us to knock anybody...
Dad: "Why did you get a new toaster oven?" Mom: "We've had it for 20 years" Dad: "I've had you for 20 years and I haven't gotten rid of you"
RT @sweetxonothing: I KNOW I'm a good ass mom, & as long as my child is happy and healthy, I could care less what the next bitch has to say 😌
RT @TheDurttyBoyz: Lmaooo her mom sent her this & said "21 savage who?? this real rap!" #DurttyBoyz
RT @onherperiod: INTERVIEWER: would you say you're independent? ME: [looks at mom] [mom nods] i'd say so, yes
SPencer: Is son of a bitch really that much of an insult to someone isn't that more towards their mom
RT @DoItLike_Em: Look at my mom and sister trying to flex 💪🏾💯
RT @Iarryfanart: Karen, Liam's mom, posted this of Louis on Instagram #ProudOfLouis
RT @nhsalute: louis keep looking down i could see the sadness in his eyes :( but he is so brave and tough to go through this his mom would be so proud
my mom when she saw manny on Anastasia's instagram: omg I love him I love this look I followed him a while ago
Pics with Mom are always fun✨
RT @Iarryfanart: Karen, Liam's mom, posted this of Louis on Instagram #ProudOfLouis