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RT @sexuaI: i love my mom. no matter what we go through, no matter how much we argue, because i know, at the end, she'll always be there
i don't understand why my mom wears my clothes
My mom just called me, and the first thing she said was, "Please tell me it wasn't a full moon,"
i want to work on cosplay but my mom is downstairs watching inauguration stuff and complaining about protesters
My mom is the worst caretaker, she has no compassion whatsoever
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I was talking about how bad Mike Pence is and my mom was like "Oh I know, when Trump gets assasinated, he's gonna be next"
Phone in one pocket, burp cloth on the other. Spit up on my tank top. Yup, I'm a mom. #newmom #firsttimemom #momprobs
RT @tinatbh: mom: when are u giving me a grand child? me:
RT @Innomatijane: when your mom enters the house and starts complaining as soon as her foot passes the welcome mat
My mom keeps calling me annoying bc I keep bitching about wanting new tattoos lol
RT @cigeurs: my mom told me.. "a person who values u wouldn't ever put themselves in a position to lose u" and that really hit deep
My mom actually gave 3 kids now 😂
I have zero relationship with any relatives because my whole life my mom worked to control my perception of them & their perception of me.
RT @dodo: He was rescued from dog racing — and now his mom treats him like a prince!
RT @khendoll: 25. I remember my mom waking me up talm bout "THEY GOT BIN LADEN BITCH ASS"
@anneems17 hahaha glad to know my mom is not alone. She also keeps the phone on silent.
Mom, Wife, New Providence Salon Owner Named 'Mompreneur' #mompreneur
just saw a mom & baby in matching pussy hats! #cuteness #womensmarch
RT @cigeurs: some girls our age make me wanna go hug my mom and thank her for the way she has raised me
Mom: Why do you take so long in the bathroom? Me: ....