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my mom is about to move into a badass brand new 3br/2ba house and im so happy for her
Kev: you look like my mom Janice Gevon: your mom looks good 😂😂😂😭😂😂
RT @vcdurand: Chelsea Clinton would tell your mom you smoke weed because she's worried about you
RT @Sesihle_: my mom deserves all the blessings coming her way, she does so much for me 😭😭✨
RT @BetteMidler: Please retweet this to everyone you can. We have taken clean air and water for granted since #EPA was begun. Don'…
RT @punishment: when u singing in the shower and ur mom yells "shut the fuck up"
RT @Wavy_East: Mom: You're always inside go out and do something. Me: Can I go chill with- Mom: No Me:
I'm just about to charge the I give zero fucks sweater on my debit card bc I know if I ask my mom she'll be like I'm not buying you that 😂
aww my mom is so sweet, she had Mario's pizza and my favorite chocolate waiting for me till I got home 😢
RT @SoDamnTrue: my heart hurts for the girls that have a bad relationship with their mom bc i wouldn't last a single day without mine
RT @calImebaby: Mom: so if exo jumps off a bridge you gonna jump t- Me:
When mom's yelling at people for being late but doesn't say anything when I walk in 20 min late w Starbucks &…
In need of a friend to take me to the mall to get bday present for mom (': hmu
Everyday im more and more glad that my mom, sister and female friends educated me on the female body. So many fools out here smh
@justin_liew yep! me, my mom and @flantz, it's been a blast and hopefully more to come. and thanks!
Hanna won't text me back then posts pics of Cooper, such a mom 🍼🍼🍼
@RayRRamu Jere Worcester's mom would like to see Las Vegas photos he told me about. How can you help me?
we're all that kid with who's lookin at his parents out of the shot thinkin 'DO I HAVE TO SMILE MOM?'
RT @jnavejar2: You were a brave one. Your mom was so blessed to have you in her life. Rest in paradise angel ❤️
Mandarin (fluent), Japanese (dad's pretty rusty though), English (mom's still learning)
RT @ScottPresler: Hey, mom & dad. Your son has a job working in national security. I'm so proud. #ThursdayThoughts
RT @kingpapachu: RT if your mom is beautiful 😍❤️
Ay que creo que voy a ver Teen Mom T-T