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I liked a @YouTube video Mock The Week Series 3 Episode 1
RT @siriusonion: 16. mock the week one of my fav shows ever honestly i live for this
@LiamHurley94 longer clip, was pretty sick, ignore mock the week in the background lool
@daraobriain well man, any chance of a few aul tickets to the next recording of mock the week? 😊
@dodopotato god same? i sometimes catch QI or Mock the Week or w/e if my mum's watching & they're almost cringeworthy a lotta the time lmao
I've felt quite sad tonight but Mock the Week has cheered me up oh my God😂
@robbeckettcomic just made me laugh at mock the week for the first time in 6 years. Weird fact
@EllieJaneTaylor just seen you on Mock The Week talking about being the youngest-my sister did the same! 3 times! #ifeelyourpain
@robbeckettcomic Watching you on mock the week - DAVE goodness. Hope you're well xx
Mock the week before bed is a must
Jaegar bomb, reem and nandos have just been punchlines on Mock The Week...proof Ladbible produce this show.
Reckon Andy Parson sleeps in the mock the week studio? Boring cleaners with his shit snoring.
Who only watches Mock The Week for the final round? @EternalNavHD? @JonathanCarr92?
Love watching Mock the Week
Mock the week, de-stress me
Mock The Week is one gem of a show
Trying to watch Mock the Week and Dave will only work if I lay on my bed and hang my arm across the edge towards the ariel... what.
Mock the week is actually brill
....und nun die @kevner TV-News abroad: In Schottland gibt's "7 Tage 7 Köpfe" immer noch, nur nennen sie es hier "Mock The Week".
@ganymedetitan @duanedibbly Another new clip on the ad break before Mock The Week on Dave with all new shots and dialogue
Mock the Week: unlikely lines from a romantic novel.
@UnashamedBaker @ArchieLakeland @samsBellabob He likes Would I lie to you as well. But Mum HATES Mock the week
Mock the Week time
I've been watching mock the week since