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I often get overwhelmed and hide in bathroom stalls so I don't have to see people so basically I'm moaning myrtle
@zeeyeeeee Omg. Moaning myrtle was in the washroom when I was peeing it was so cool. But in Japanese hahha
RT @HogwartsLogic: Moaning Myrtle went to the toilet alone and died, That's why girls never go to the toilet alone.
Moaning Myrtle probably loved T. S. Eliot.
Moaning Myrtle for president 2K16. #betterthantrump
Perfect Casting is Perfect: Moaning Myrtle (even if she was like 30 irl)
#potterdaily on June 13 1943: Moaning Myrtle died.
Pretty sure the freshman think I'm legit crazy. I've become Kerry's Moaning Myrtle of the 3rd floor bathroom and it's bad. #anxietyattacks
@MeganFew πŸ˜‚ forgot to tell you , when I was getting with moaning myrtle I fell through her into the chamber of secrets and found Joan rivers
RT @LifeNeedsMagic: The actress who played Moaning Myrtle was 37 years old at the time of β€œHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.
@ElderGrizzly @Stuart_Watson hopefully. At the risk of sounding like a moaning myrtle, im not sure varney is the answer either!
I drop subtle hints that Moaning Myrtle is a PoC
I'm rewatching the Harry Potter series for the first time in years and I love how extra moaning myrtle is πŸ˜‚
@TheVampsJames Nah I won't mind you being a moany tweety hahahaha. I'm a moany too like Moaning Myrtle😁😁😁
I think moaning Myrtle is in my bathroom > nope it's ok just the husband ...
When a first read harry potter, i identified with harry.. Now that im older i fear im more like moaning myrtle crying in the toilet lol
day 4: Moaning Myrtle's annoying ass. Hermoine and Ginny were my dawgs too
Im tired of being moaning myrtle. Only positive vibes from here πŸ’‹
Moaning myrtle is me "I was minding my own business thinking about death..."
Mo Williams is Moaning Myrtle
Id slytherin to her moaning myrtle
@hclfbloodprince They don't call her Moaning Myrtle for nothing.
I have a passionate affair with Moaning Myrtle.