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Mo’Nique Defends Letting Her Husband Have A Side Chick! Says ‘That’s When The Relationship Is Real’
Mo'Nique Came Outside With That Bat And Bust That Window Lmfaoooooooo @ Black Bird
RT @ClaraTrrt: Je voulais aller courir mais au final la chaleur, la fatigue + la rencontre avec mon lit sa a tout niqué
" que mundo nos tá ? " KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK eu N to bem
Aaaah vou matar o Nathan
The Parkers was the bomb back in the day!!! I can watch that show all day!!! Mo'Nique was a hot ass mess in that show!
RT @AquiLibra: #Libra:"Calma, a vida vai trazer o que você merece."
She torn that shit up I love me some Mo'Nique. #life
RT @RecitouOriente: Gosto de pessoas que notam minha ausência.
RT @suckmepk: @_Nique_Mo_ @BMaquiny a gente nao tem culpa se esse garoto,nos enlouquece,a única coisa que pensamos é em bobagem😂
RT @suckmepk: @_Nique_Mo_ @BMaquiny simmm mano "puro virgem" NAOO OPA,NAO MESMO DJSNNS
She's like a great value version of Mo'nique but hella annoying af I might tune in to support a sistah tho
@LoniLove When will y'all have Mo'Nique on the show?