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@MousawiRim fideke ya jara lmhm inte lama tolle bt7ke wbtslme w heda shi 7elo mnik w min zw2ik
@sexomaticsamar where were u during mnik cdi??
@officialevilq i love you too broother, you mean the world to me wala alah la y7rmny mnik wala mn noshi wala mn 62 god i love you all😭😍😍
RT @Keith_a_Trip: Not ready for this weekend's FA cup fixture, would prefer to play the league while we're still on a roll.
RT @AssVegas: Don't get why people bring up JP's bowling when stating his case. As if the 3 overs he bowls every 2nd test provide anything spectacular.
But YOU'RE moving in with him, not?
RT @calirah: Please RT for awareness (jobhunting) I have a honours in Business management majored in marketing and tired of being jobless.. please help
RT @iDntWearCondoms: U don’t have to disrespect someone because of preference…
RT @hslaurent: i hate when people ask me what ima be doing in 3 years.. like cmon guys i dont have 2020 vision
RT @aphelionaire: I'm very tired of people who are always snooping or ones who act like they care just so they can check where you are in life. Damn.
RT @MistrGill: If 2016 taught you anything, it's to pack a breakfast with your lunch for your skhaftin. Down with the "my lunch won't see lunch" nonsense.
Dude I get a headache from ukhumsha the first few days 😩
RT @kumailn: I feel like maybe the world was supposed to end a couple of years ago & it didn't & now god is just improvising off-script.
@SRKswarrior apko kya problem hain kjo se Salman apne pore career me MNIK jaise movie nai ban payega.. #Fact
RT @pourmecoffee: And by "respect", Sean, I mean suggest they murdered a bureaucrat to cover up their true foreign-born loyalties.
RT @brianrayguitar: This quick thread is everything re today's USA citizens v Trump v GOP Ethics Committee mess and the media who fumbl…
RT @YeNani_: people who say this usually had the privilege of staying with their parents during their internships because chile.…
Some time ago I coined a term for those of us that don’t fit the usual #Wellesley profile: “Swellbillies.”
RT @pyry: Lutefisk hotline: ya hey, what's the deal now? Sven: Ya, we ran out of lutefisk Lutefisk hotline: oh jeez Sven: oh…
RT @Evan_McMullin: I hope Trump is right, but rules-based free enterprise, not politically-motivated shakedowns of individual firms, b…