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RT @B__Marco: Do u know John Branca's creditor draft demand included a 4.5M fee that JB claimed to be due when MJ would have foreclosed&faced bankruptcy?
RT @B__Marco: John Branca 's draft demand against MJ,had the 4.5M demand,because JB gave for certain #MichaelJackson foreclosing and be bankrupt
RT @B__Marco: Moreover,if bankrupt MJ would not have had the money to pay the 4.5M to JB,JB would have get the money from MJ's ro… https://t.co/QXS6uM0Z33
RT @B__Marco: This is=> https://t.co/9J1nDnMA9L John Branca's draft creditor demand to #MichaelJackson,w/JB's demand ,forseeing M… https://t.co/C8UEffvpRH
Shania Twain's Come on Over and @rihanna's Anti are great as well
Rund 500 HH können ab sofort in #Nordheim am Main schnelles Internet nutzen Bandbreiten bis zu 50 MBit/s möglich.^mj https://t.co/BIjAZy5A7g
My fav albums ever probably are: @michaeljackson's Dangerous, @JanetJackson's Velvet Rope, @coldplay's X&Y and @linkinpark's Meteora
I luuuuv @coldplay's album Ghost Stories
RT @richardm2624: Today's #jeremykyle is brought to you by Gary the dentist, for all your dental needs https://t.co/WdieKuUQhr
筋トレをしても、筋肉痛に ならないようになると ジャンプ力が上がらなくなった かたへ。 https://t.co/trGXTXfV60
RT @osamegu121: 彼氏ではないけど今いい感じの人いますてきな雰囲気をかもしだす女のツイート https://t.co/HMVVzVR20Y
RT @Suga_Mamta: Here's what we not gon do: display a black woman who has multiple Ivy League degrees as a "maid" for a woman who pl… https://t.co/op0izRp6uX
@hall_mj aye, and it's so much easier that we won yesterday 😳
Les gens qui s'inventent une vie c'est des forceurs perso moi je prend un café en terrasse avec MJ !
RT @1tt_tafururu6: ⚡️🇺🇸Connection tag🐄🔥 □Arashi□ □Ninomiya Kazunari□ ~Let's talk together Ninomiya-kun~ #RTで気になった人お迎え… https://t.co/XGWHADPFNi
RT @_Serotonin7: Lol Hamza, Umair, Vasay and Ahmad's reply on Bilal's post about MJ not being MJ2 #😂 https://t.co/5rwM5FjHPQ
@CherylLaineLeav is that baby MJ? He looks so diff in ur sc I'm like who's this baby😂
RT @mmsnippets: We're proud to sponsor @mj_payne in tomorrow's T20 Cricket Match raising $ for @JockeysTrust. Support Michelle here: https://t.co/w4HhEW4pWi
RT @mj_takafc: 【定期】 こんばんわ。 松本潤地声似たかさんのFCです♪ たかさんを応援してくださる方ゎぜひ FCへ。FC垢→@mj_takafc 加入したい方ゎフォローをしてください。フォロバ後DMを送って下さい♪ リスナー名《TKSun's》。
(sigh)....Ok, Here's what happened: Her (2) dogs got lose.... (sigh)....(smh) -_-