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If I don't reply it's cause of 2k frfr
@2K @NBA2K why weren't the 08-09 or 09-10 Lakers in the game? Why isn't there a farewell kobe mode like MJ's mode in 2k11?
@chiy_mj そっちの現象もありますねw
RT @JKowalski_10: S/o to my birds with that big win!!!
@heiruspecs it's an Urban Lifestyle Website. I can give you better details if you DM or email me. ~MJ
dudes with 99 MJ out here taking L's in blacktop already lmaooo
!!! RT @incrdblshort: @Bruce_Cares MJ’s Do You Remember The Time is high level street harassment
@Bruce_Cares MJ's Do You Remember The Time is high level street harassment
@s_k_113423 それ2度見しちゃうやつ(笑) 認めろよ( ´・・)ノ(._.`) イケヴォのミィさんどお?☺
@DiamondsMJxoxo check this out MJ.i came to grab a bite to eat n saw this big o monster truck it's huge. https://t.co/pIbw3h3CWk
@WeRallRunaways Like what do you expect... Cavs fans seem to talk bs all day long. He's just annoyed by the MJ "goat thing" because
@WeRallRunaways There's one guy, I don't remember his name, once saying keeping the MJ goat thing that hard or whatever is rly too much.
@s_Ho_cK_BrEAd 私「(°д° )……ハワワワ……(手がプルプル」ってかんじでした(●´∪`●)ヾ
RT @WagAssuming: There's a hidden sadness in every smile.
RT @TommyBeer: Here's the leaders in the NBA Finals dating back to MJ's rookie season of 1984. LeBron 1st or 2nd in every category https://t.co/WVHcudzueL
RT @Exposing_celebz: The media is still trying to label MJ as a child molester without any evidence. MJ's lawyer setting it straight👇🏾 https://t.co/7At0RvRhD3
@JOHNDUNGEY looking to interview local MC's for my Urban Lifestyle website and ft their music.Would you be interested? DM me~MJ
@WeRallRunaways MJ WHO? 🤔 There's a new guy in town... COUGH. His name is Klay Thompson. "There can only be one, (goat)" 😂😂😂
RT @MelancholyPhoto: I’ve always wanted to know who took this @Mark_Sheppard photo, and I found out today it’s MJ Kim I am Nancy Drew. https://t.co/BY5TntF1IB
RT @RevRichardColes: A cheery greeting from a fellow outside a pub in Bristol: "**** me, that's the bloke off Have I Got News For You! Alright, dude!"
It's something about him🍫 probably can't live without him🙇🏼
@chiy_mj その瞬間叫びたかったでしょー!??www
RT @Art_Afremov: LONDON'S LIGHTS — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas - Size 36"x30" https://t.co/ZdT8fVN6YP https://t.co/AnCjMpDzg4
RT @BBCSport: It's silver for Wimbledon champions Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett. They lose 6-2 4-6 6-1 https://t.co/fxb6SzBYbh https://t.co/KVvmLhRH8A