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RT @RedSox: Let’s do this thing. It’s go time, folks! ⚾️ https://t.co/qkimZhISt7
This is the man who says MJ abuses him 🙄 making out with your sister are you for real? I heard someone say that bef… https://t.co/BRvO8LceBh
@pekeyte @invinciblekop Putting MJ aside, this experience has been eye-opening! Imagine being an expert on a topic… https://t.co/tkf0VlmhMK
@FallAgainMJ @LisaLaw37073967 We all reported him too and he was not our mate. He was an abusive MJ stan. (I'm not… https://t.co/itnQSUkuzQ
RT @mrglenn: As a Catholic who has visited #NotreDame I appreciated @benshapiro’s sincere thoughts and kind words about the deva… https://t.co/9LkqutSElJ
@Freeyourmindkid Met him. He's arrogant. OCD? Yeah. "Repubs buy shoes too...". Lie. "MJ invests in prisons...".… https://t.co/PdLcJON4yN
RT @bts_geek_stats: 😱 In just 5 days, Map of the Soul: Persona ALONE outsold @BTS_twt's entire 2017 on Hanteo. https://t.co/rUI9B6okOd
RT @festusosei111: Ajax drew with Bayern,they said it's just group game,won against Real Madrid a grandmaster in champions league,they… https://t.co/KtMcNT5BTm
RT @IndigenousXLtd: “How can I support independent Indigenous media?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s funny you should ask, because… https://t.co/3HZg4XZwRQ
and he’s paying tribute to MJ so stfu https://t.co/wfJp1fe0sx
@PeteToal It’s not bad to be cocky. Especially to show competition during the most important part of the season. Yo… https://t.co/yVQsTsAw2P
RT @MJJLegion: U.S #MJFam: Head over to @Macys stores or @Macys online website to purchase these great MJ T-shirts on sale now!:… https://t.co/YHFUWuJeSB
@nicothenu Just because someone is a fan and expresses it, that doesn’t mean they worship him. I have MJ fan accoun… https://t.co/DLJwSaGADI
RT @7YrsOfLoveWKyu: Wait. Didn't MJ still performed and danced at the age of 50 or somethn? Why people acting like SJ's time is over lm… https://t.co/3mpYLPralH
RT @everlonggggg: Here's a summary of every major issue in #LeavingNeverland I've also addressed past allegations & misinformation r… https://t.co/fDJlf8GCKd
RT @MJSFteam: Video report of #Iranian/#Persian fans showing their support for #MichaelJackson and denouncing #LeavingNeverland m… https://t.co/Ykb8eH7lIq
RT @priyal106: When MJ even tags MoonBin's hand https://t.co/GXXWPneaHZ
RT @Mike_dropUK: Here’s another glowing review of wade from Jeff Wald, president of OPUS Media Group, which published the MJ opus.… https://t.co/peHc3iKj9L
@dr_ozzie9 @Quinterio_Lopez @stephenasmith Why wouldn’t I? He put up numbers only that MJ have matched. Battled in… https://t.co/RpSLOaGy9U
@MJ_HARU @s_c_cook 랭크당 추가돼서 최대 75
RT @prince__danik: We'll get to hear your voice again We'll get to enjoy your stage again Above all, we'll get to see your smile again… https://t.co/eSuxLlFf8B
RT @mjjmoments: "The short film presents the complex life of Jackson in the form of a ride in an amusement park. "While mocking the… https://t.co/iLgus6nnpr