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RT @NickNPattiWhack: LAWWDDDD BABY!! Me and Danielson was trying to Get Signed !! 💿💿💿 https://t.co/GybiFIuT2G
Ima ss1 10% to ss2 I run with poorboy and mjb I ran with marceldagreat when the game first came out @HankDaTank25 https://t.co/Q1XQHz47TQ
From @MJB_Photo - A marco of frozen ice formations along a flowing stream. One of favourite things to do is to…… https://t.co/EEhhx2a7YK
RT @Zendette: Conclusion - @20committee was right: FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites https://t.co/WNvbsqPTw7
RT @ekirschenheuter: Man accused of making anti-Muslim remarks to woman playing in #SanFrancisco park w/her son, threatens to shoot her… https://t.co/Hyrmj8NCvV
@AdamSinger @MJB_SF Only if it comes free all KKK, Nazi, Pepe, and White Nationalist profiles.
RT @writeonsk: Early Trump supporter Duncan Hunter being investigated for use of campaign funds including possible overseas trips… https://t.co/JoAYk9BBaP
@NotKem that's all I need to get by *MJB voice*
@MJB_SF A campaign on the GOP being unable to govern, fighting corruption, a public option, and ending the drug war sounds good for 2018.
RT @nolimits: Investor at demo day asked a female founder to babysit his kids. He's been uninvited from future events. Can't make this stuff up.
RT @summerbrennan: Remember when you were calling reps? Remember how it was this overwhelming wave reported on in media? Don't stop. That wave was you.
@MJB_SF Paul Ryan is truly a gigantic loser -
@MJB_SF Agreed. Has the feel of rebellious angry teenager who hates you then grows up to be a worse parent and provider.
The right are professional critics. They like being out of power so they can whine and complain. But they can't rea… https://t.co/bqEwXZHM8c
Good. Now say it to Shonda, Hillary, and every woman in your office. https://t.co/NlUqyJsm7P
Adam: stop telling everyone my secret! https://t.co/hbBdoAfudE