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RT @hochi_baseball: 【ソフトバンク】細川退団!コーチ就任要請を拒否、他球団で現役続行へ https://t.co/aYci9EWhBz #sbhawks #ホークス #npb #プロ野球 https://t.co/xXE0NqhfKa
ゆーかちょんbirthday😻 いつもサプライズ失敗する原因は私です。🙄🤘 Mjbだいすきや🗣💗💗💗 #ICHI'sbirthday #Mjb #love https://t.co/LVH4WWwXxm
Ergebnisdienst Handball RL MJB: MTV Obernkirchen - HV Barsinghausen II 37:15 #MTVObernkirchen https://t.co/vq0VJSY8wQ
RT @ToSirDWithLove: Analise: We found something by the body. MJB: Is it a gun? Is it a knife?!?! #HTGAWM
Listen to this kid MJB on the second verse My God 🔥, the whole song lit tho. https://t.co/aRpRjqWhY2
@mjb_0018 @thinktankdecoy ✔️ Thought you might appreciate these sunset pictures
RT @ralphruthe: Für Twitter-Follower zuerst - NEUER Cartoon auf ruthe.de: https://t.co/DUhSvWFuod
ぼくが最近うちで飲むコーヒーは、 いままでキライだったMJBの缶入りであって、 これをサイフォンでグラグラとやると 一番アメリカで飲んでいたコーヒーに近づいてくる #ウエクサジンイチ
RT @TaylorGillmanxo: I am not participating in life today I've decided 😴💤💤💤💤
Landscaped garden 4 Bedroom villa for rent in Meadows. https://t.co/oV8uXeWCZu https://t.co/5QW1eCvvGX
@MJB_III @LOLGOP @mmfa weird that we as Democrats are vote to beat the Russian puppet djt wow!!
RT @SGCHistPolitics: Fort Breendonk in the morning mist before the students learn about the German occupation during WW2. MJB https://t.co/2hKnV46hcg
Gonna knock out to MJB new joint ... feels good to be in ❤️ music soothes my soul and cleanses my mind. #J100... https://t.co/LuS7aydxFf
Donc cette nuit, Estelle, en dormant, m'a tapé la discute normal. Normal.
اللّهم أسألكَ راحَة تستوطِن قلبي بعرضِ سمائك.