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If someone can give me a good reason to review 2 chapters of international trade tonight I’ll actually do it.
RT @AzadiRojava: I mean interviews like this by @globalnews. A canadian daesh crying as a victim. Crying for herself only. Not once… https://t.co/XXbSk5d0Xl
STEAM ATLUS BLIGE MJB MYTHおのおの個性的だが、おのおの異なる悩み、望みがある以上、誰かを第一に立てると関係は一瞬で崩壊する。結局レインボーが、同盟クランみんなを対等な関係として取り扱ってくれるから、話を進めやすいってとこはある。
@MikeLovesTacosX @Ruthless_MJB @FBI not the way I wanted mmasucka to get that big publicity break
RT @TheAlabamaLogo: @OSUDefender Don’t put this all on Raekwon Davis or Saban. Raekwon was defending Mack Wilson (#30) who got punched… https://t.co/VXtEi6z74p
RT @MMASucka: Sergei Kharitonov Talks First Round KO at Bellator 207 - https://t.co/p0MLXKfZK9 https://t.co/YCW9AslgmB
RT @DeadIrishRebel: “It’s impressive,” says marine scientist David Guggenheim, “Cuba is an unusual country in that they actually respec… https://t.co/0EkDM7c4cN
RT @_____mjb: While Trump claims 'no deal' over Brunson, Erdogan escalates threats in Northeast Syria https://t.co/b2uabLfScy
RT @zana_med: Heval Ciwan’s reaction after I took this: “I never thought I would serve as a model in #YPG when I decided to join.” https://t.co/rdLqccKXI0
RT @MezcalDeAmores: Y te das cuenta que a lo largo del año pasaron muchas cosas, situaciones y personas por tu vida y no todas se quedaron.
RT @Ykuribe: - ¿Qué buscás en una persona? - Que esté! 🤔
RT @iDrunkGirls: Ya no estamos en edad para amores mediocres.
RT @MalditaSummer: En mi curriculum voy poner: experta en sospechar cosas que después resultan ser ciertas.
RT @Stevies_Wonder: Let's not get carried away. She's barely sitting next to MJB. https://t.co/BjR8iNsX8X
Having a hard time deciding on what to eat for dinner tonight.
RT @Jake_Hanrahan: Gulîstan is now on Amazon Prime. Great documentary. https://t.co/EjVfhOtvVD
RT @jtovarr: Cuando era niño echaba el jugo en la tapita y me lo tomaba como shots, porque borracho se nace, no se hace.