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@mjb_23_ Hezonja is an absolute scumbag for thinking he could get away with walking over Giannis
RT @GabrielCasazza: Contra Boca. Contra Macri. Contra la Conmebol. Contra la FIFA. Contra Cunha. Contra todos. RIVER CAMPEÓN!!!!
RT @Velez: 👏🏻 Felicitamos y saludamos a @CARPoficial por la obtención de la Copa Libertadores en Madrid.
@AlexSchmidt_12 Yeah they do play hard and haha I’m mixed him... I think he should play alittle more for experience… https://t.co/4MJEka3wNw
RT @GodzillaMovies: Help us get #Godzilla and #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters trending! Use those hashtags when tweeting, especially when th… https://t.co/cXpxH94Ekt
@mjb_23_ I totally agree this is the first Knicks team I've watched where they go hard every single play, franks gotta go dude lol
Simone + Cecil Coooome on guys Yall just socially madeup "NO MORE DRAMA" - mjb #Married2Med 🚑 S6 Episode 14 https://t.co/rTWaMBfhT8
@AlexSchmidt_12 Dude I honestly like them they play hard and are just really young.. i wish KP was healthy I wanna… https://t.co/sO0WMJW1fX
@Pozooooooo @x_MJB He’s definitely gonna obtain that grain!
@Pozooooooo Lets cum in this muffin
RT @TeoGutierrez_: 9/12/2018 ESA MANCHA NO SE BORRA NUNCA MÁS.
RT @AlexSchmidt_12: @mjb_23_ Blake doesn't get enough appreciation man
@AlexSchmidt_12 Forreal though, like he has been getting hurt in the past but when he’s healthy for long periods... he’s a problem lol
RT @rialjorge: Y le arruinamos las vacaciones...
@mjb_23_ Blake doesn't get enough appreciation man
Yet you out here making her look stupid 🤦🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/ixBp2JHZ27
🤔 thinking about starting my hiatus early
@x_MJB Time to finagle this bagel
RT @RiquelmeBN: @VarskySports Felicidades. Así es el fútbol. Desde un hincha de Boca. Salud y a festejar!