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RT @ScotlandSky: The SPFL confirm next month's Scottish League Cup final tickets will be allocated equally among #Aberdeen and… https://t.co/hZ7A2NeTWn
RT @teenremark: Kodak boppin is the most iconic dance move since MJ's moonwalk. My location on if u wanna debate dis physically. https://t.co/eIJoHzjGyG
RT @pecopeco888: 《拡散希望》 関ジャニ'sエイターテインメント 交換してくださる方を探しています。 【譲】 東京17日(土) 2連 【求】 大阪14日(土) 2連 お心当たりのある方、ご連絡お願いします。 #関ジャニsエイターテインメント #関ジャニ交換
RT @MJFollower777: This day in 1987 MJ's 2nd single from the "Bad" album titled "Bad", hit #1 in U.S. charts. It stayed #1 of the "Hot… https://t.co/XZ7BeWBdwi
Loving the Koreesamed LED Mask, fantastic results. Contact Mel at MJ's Beauty Clinic for more information: 07955 78… https://t.co/NgoHxQiWB4
mj said he lost 22lbs in 3 weeks ??? that's scary af
RT @allkpop: ASTRO's MJ reveals the startling amount of weight he lost in 3 week https://t.co/OT4ToNH7ow https://t.co/wmf2CgAeZa
@Anthony_MJ_M I know right? 😍😍😍 oh my god it's so shocking 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
RT @bangtaened: JUNGKOOK'S LAUGH WTH I'M LAUGHINGFJSJ https://t.co/wmGk0RKRNr
RT @Simon1701: Daisy's creative ability continues to astound! This is Gimilis helmet for @StrangeFas forthcoming wedding event.… https://t.co/ZrMLaTxsDe
RT @SmallCapOTC: $KGKG .005 range 360mm O/S MJ co, hasn't been popped off yet during reefer madness. #MMJ
RT @celestialMJJ: Instead of copying all @michaeljackson's fashion and career moves, @justinbieber should take a lesson on how MJ lovingly treated his fans.
RT @SmallCapOTC: $KGKG .005 range 360mm O/S MJ co, hasn’t been popped off yet during reefer madness. #MMJ $newc @007stockchat @OTCMarkets
最新設備が整った いい学校だったみたいよ MJは大学進学してるけどそれはどうしても特定できない🌀
@MJO23DAN lol he won't sweep them so MJ's safe.
RT @JayParkBallers: Love how there's Kim Gura whenever Jay Park is mentioned😆 RT @moonbeantrash: 예능인력소 MJ imitating Park Jae Bum 😂😂 https://t.co/U4PAqV76U8
Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Sues Subway, Claims Chain Hid His Pedophilia for Years https://t.co/iaAQc5qgl3 https://t.co/9dKaBUuWAA
@gundofan tears Bieber elite, he's a better basketball player than mj too
Audio: a provision in Nevada's medical marijuana law enables patients, despite ban. https://t.co/0sDUjkXhAd #legalizeit #mainstreammarijuana
RT @SmallCapOTC: $KGKG .005 range 360mm O/S MJ co, hasn't been popped off yet during reefer madness. #MMJ
@NorthOlmstedPD released a statement that two adult males are in custody. The department is investigating Cashin's death as a homicide.
MJが通ってた高校は新しくできた学校で たぶんMJは1期生
Yes, vets are now Rx'ing weed for animals. We have a 16 y/o Yorkie w/ cancer. She'll be get MJ with her other meds.… https://t.co/Lr0udNvdGA