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Helluva campaign video: MJ Hegar's "Doors". Teared me up. https://t.co/2IFxpyNxxw
RT @iconicmjj: As much as being an MJ fan can be hard, it’s so rewarding because we’re so knowledgeable about our fave and not onl… https://t.co/pyDv5jdqOB
RT @Canon_mj: \フォロー&RTでEOS M100を手に入れよう/ もうすぐフォロワー10万人! フライングですが達成をお祝いして、ミラーレス一眼『EOS M100 ダブルズームキット』が当たるキャンペーンを開始しま~す。 ▼応募方法 ①… https://t.co/Z0gedN6YWj
@soledadobrien I DID watch it last night and wrote a check to support MJ's campaign! It's going in the mail this mo… https://t.co/vYojkba8GS
RT @ArfMeasures: BOSS: What's going on here? ME: Dave's mad because he specifically labelled his sandwich in the fridge and I accide… https://t.co/bR4LA4t3lm
RT @fontainepen: My story “The Last Roundup” is in this book! It’s about a cattle dog who owned an island ranch... https://t.co/ipJb0pYiZ2
RT @ElectScottNC08: I just found this to be the best Ad for a #Veteran running for Congress & I just gave to her campaign. We need mor… https://t.co/MctfhH7YjG
RT @antoguerrera: ENGLISH VERSION Gomorrah author Saviano fires back at #Italy Interior min Salvini who threatened to remove his poli… https://t.co/bO1ZeLhuN0
RT @MJVEVONews: NEWS: Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' just surpassed 1 MILLION likes! -It's the 8th MJ video to do so.… https://t.co/zhMWWCXutU
Yo it’s funny when I meet new bruhs and they want to grip me up and give me everything they know but they got short… https://t.co/LO6xxABcag
People can’t blame you lang for what’s happening between you and Mj 😊 — yeeep 😊 https://t.co/z0TFXDXSg4
RT @rasmus_kleis: “Can some of the losses in international journalism be offset by advocacy groups, to the extent that they can prov… https://t.co/2VrBTEPkcd
RT @MJ_Sails: @JoeNBC Trump is not a racist Scarbro is the racist Trump supports LEGAL immigration to augment America's labor f… https://t.co/tXJfiwjJLI
RT @joonbliss: NAMJOON’S CUTE LITTLE MISTAKE IN AIRPLANE PT 2 AWW #BTSxLotteFamilyConcert https://t.co/Xy0HnrTPnj
@eburrowss facts but also MJ’s name was cleared up quick. say shit about him and people will check you with the fac… https://t.co/DslszBNEA3
Damn Sara/h’s a bish. “I’m still listed as your emergency contact.” “Can u give me a lift home” “I dont think that… https://t.co/uaarHBXsUn
RT @ElectScottNC08: I just found this to be the best Ad for a #Veteran running for Congress & I just gave to her campaign. We need mor… https://t.co/MctfhH7YjG
I want taemin to cover more mj but I don't want him to be stuck with the "Korea's mj" title or strengthen it bc we… https://t.co/V22cFqGICn
RT @DwyaneWade: Good morning world! Focus on today as it’s preparing you for tomorrow and the rest of your life! Go be GREAT!
@layceygod I’m a teenager and this is how I feel about MJ’s death still
RT @porxtyie: ลิซ่ามีทักษะที่ดูท่าเต้นแค่ 1-2 ครั้งก็สามารถเต้นตามได้ ทางรายการเขาเลยให้ดูท่าเต้นเพลง red flavor รอบนึงแล้วเต้นตา… https://t.co/DNVezZvjcv
This email from a user delighted me today "Hi Michelle, I just wanted to say congratulations on the launch of the E… https://t.co/lmaSe0I7Bm