Time aku tak minat kau elok je post gambar pergi masjid. Bila aku dah tersuka kau tnpa sengaja kau post pergi mixx eiiii bodoh😭🖕🏼
@maxxcoria Mixx tail mojito jaja lpm
Just loved "1 Time 4 Da Grown & Sexy Mixx 2" by @DJJKIDD on @mixcloud https://t.co/ijRMU6Q6VV
RT @NikoKhale: Performing in DC Oct. 25th @ The Mixx Up Live Show! Come thru and vibe w me 🕺🏾 https://t.co/5RYhDC9Qma
RT @luv_my_theo: mówią że raperzy dobrze calują a tancerze są dobrzy w łóżku guess kto jest w rap line i dance line https://t.co/OzCkS7P3Tz
RT @gviv_craig: There’s this guy that sells boxes of tissue around Osborne (Ikoyi). There was a day he ran after my car for about 3… https://t.co/cO38H1Mmg3
RT @denis_hilda: @DrOlufunmilayo Women are advised to change their sanitary pads every 8 hours at most to ensure good hygiene and pr… https://t.co/ySyKd8tab5
RT @SAMskilllz10: No girl child deserves to use rags or tissue because she can't afford sanitary pads. No girl child deserves to wear… https://t.co/Bk4PVt0IRC
@hotcake_mixx クウォリティー高すぎ!!!笑笑
@hotcake_mixx カナヘビも新しいペットだね?笑笑増えたらめいちゃんの家動物園になっちゃうよー?
RT @Kelvin_Odanz: Take out few minutes of your time to support the campaign to #EndThe9jaTaxOnPads so girls across Nigeria can afford… https://t.co/OplRHuUjae
RT @DrOlufunmilayo: You can’t tax Sanitary Pads just like you will tax a bottle of alcohol or perfumes or a pair of designer sneakers.… https://t.co/TqHiHXVg4m
RT @DrOlufunmilayo: Whoever you are, Wherever you are, Whenever you saw this advocacy and you joined your voice, I want to say thank yo… https://t.co/N0tDXyBaAL
RT @chocagi: โคดี้แต่งให้แทยงเสร็จคือเหนื่อยแล้ว คนอื่นพักก่อน https://t.co/9LOugW2SKX