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current weather in Orumiyeh: mist, -4°C 85% humidity, wind 3kmh, pressure 1023mb
Literally my life will be complete when I see this with my own eyes,&feel the mist of the water against my own skin https://t.co/TzqBjnPGEk
RT @Dean_alphaand: 달이 아름답네요→저 달은 망의 위상입니다 별이 아름답네요→겉보기등급이 작네요 바다가 아름답네요→용존산소량이 높은 듯하네요 비가 그치지 않네요→정체전선이 형성됐나봐요 날이 춥네요→시베리아기단이 머무르고 있군요 따뜻하네요→오호츠크해 기단이 왔나봐요
어여쁜 꽃길 걸으소서.
we're all lost in the mist trying to find the light 😔😪🙏🏻💯 https://t.co/TMMKACQQb7
@Joshtruction You mainly wanna keep your mist lvls stocked high and use your normals and mist cancel to pressure/frametrap with
Thu 23:08: Mist; Temp 1 C; Humidity 95%; Press 101.7 kPa.
RT @Just_pinkfloyd: The grass was greener The light was brighter The taste was sweeter The nights of wonder With friends surrounded The… https://t.co/J17vYdT6aU
10pm: Mist, -2.9C, S 28km/h, WC:-10C. Thu 19: Overcast, Lo:-4C, S 30km/h, RH:98%, 100.0kPa rsng, Dew:-3.2C. https://t.co/fBUrUh64q4
@leep_kwon 그러게 학교종이라도 직접해보고싶다니까ㅋㅋ
Mist.. noch immer wach.. der Tag ist im Arsch :/
mist -> haze humidity down 86% -> 75% wind 2kmh -> 3kmh
@mist_ses 마자 진짜... 직접보고싶다 생각할정도임
mist -> light intensity drizzle temperature down 37°F -> 36°F humidity up 93% -> 100% wind 8mph -> 3mph
RT @AREKU_Avalinity: - Through Snow and Mist - Got some fresh scans of my latest analogue photography adventures, check them out!… https://t.co/G1eSM8tbWn
RT @dyororo_: they even have mist on the table lol ppl game is very strong https://t.co/AVuAD8C247