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RT @Darksun_always: - Morning Mist - Sebastian Prioteasa https://t.co/nosTYeNGhW
Haha. Das ist das Problem, wenn man den Mund so weit aufreißt und so viel Mist dabei rauskommt. https://t.co/Klr6AaubU3
RT @nationalpost: Not joking: Niagara Falls’ Maid of the Mist tour boats planning earliest launch ever on April 1st… https://t.co/E8zovUqycB
RT @08LJAPAN: 🌵あいつ🌵 「アリシスのウォーターボリューム・ハイドロゲルミスト③」 🈸方法:①フォロー&RT ②https://t.co/7kRetOP04N 情報入力 締切:3月30日15時、総20名様(FB&IG共同) 購買はこちら… https://t.co/3o8WQz0UuL
RT @MyNiggaPolo: Mist is a genius. This man has sold us the same song over and over.
@dieFranziF Fast wie ein Überraschungsei für Große. Da ist auch meistens nur Mist drin…
@26_mist 確かにカラメルはね、、、 黄色いところは???
@mist_cloud フォローありがとうございます(^^) こちらもフォロー失礼いたします。
I tried to catch some fog. But I... Mist...
mist -> overcast clouds temperature up 43°F -> 46°F wind 7mph -> 5mph
@tsujiazami_34 カラメルがそんなに好きじゃない(´・ω・`)
Mist - Hot Property [Official Video] (prod by Steel Banglez) @Cash_Chosen1 this is what we call grime 🔥 https://t.co/1O9DiwpJJa
RT @workwthecoach: Everyone wants a Strong Powerful and Independent Woman until you start dating her and realize you gotta step your own shit up.
@26_mist きらいなの?!そっか…(・ω・`)
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@Blechliesel @C_Holler hab den Mist leider mittlerweileauch am rechten Fuss..ist auch stressbedingt :/ Trotzdem super Idee!! :D
RT @BlaiseBasile: I respect people who overcame a obstacle in their life and work hard to achieve their goal, not someone that gets everything handed to them