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Rolling her eyes once more, she looked towards @Missy_OJ. "Just show up Friday."
RT @Visionconsltd: Another atlas roof on show at the new vision shoe site https://t.co/hkxkjl00iP
If you want to see high quality products, visit @Visionconsltd new showroom featuring an array of amazing Atlas roo… https://t.co/cNhwoz0BdB
DUMB AS A BRICK: Chelsea Clinton Wonders if Lincoln in a #MAGA Hat is Photoshopped https://t.co/hCCDAQig0S
A new favorite: Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) (feat. Pharrell Williams) (TroyBoi Remix) by @wearebigbeat https://t.co/Ux9k8Ht3AM
RT @_KyleWells: @MissyElliott I just recorded that part & then played it backwards on Snapchat. "Watch the way Missy like to play it backwards". Slay Missy!
Congressman: Freedom Caucus members would vote against Ten Commandments https://t.co/HthNoNCxit via @nypost
An Atlas Flat Rooflight gives subtle light into any room. Courtesy of the talented @Visionconsltd https://t.co/AblPe64kKy
RT @knnypls: when nectar drops work it by missy elliot and a packed crowd of bassheads turn into lil dirty sluts
I don't think your fellow republicans and god for that matter would agree with that statement missy. https://t.co/GjXS7pFJgc
Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’ Flipped And Reversed Is Blowing Minds https://t.co/eT0NmGqGGI https://t.co/EIxhbPmsDL
Ahhhh this gem showed up in my mail today!! I love it thank you so much @Bazteki https://t.co/mewmAwHQPp
RT @CoIlegefessions: Things i need right now: 1. Money 2. Better grades 3. More money
RT @FemaleTexts: idk if i need a hug or 7 shots of vodka
@RealRemyMa You are a real artist. When I think of REAL female Lyricists; you, Brat, Missy, and Lyte. Dem other hoes is pop not rap.
On Muslims' agenda: Fight US proposals to ban Sharia law --- https://t.co/LrT2DJiJai
Lollapalooza, Fyf Fest et Missy Elliott : les annonces des festivals internationaux https://t.co/xb3Y1tMhkM #musique
RT @FriendlyAssh0le: rt if ur the coolest person ever and no one is dating u https://t.co/KtRpVZVAdI
I'm so done trying to help people who don't want to be helped
@RobertMabr @Missy_America @phoenixnewtimes I'm trying to figure out if he's doing sit-ups or just trying to get up